My Mother's Secret Lover


[cougar, MILF, mother son incest, milf sex, mistaken identity erotica, mom creampie, mother son love, mother blowjob, alpha male]

It's a case of mistaken identity when Adam wanders into the wrong bedroom at a family get-together. Little does he know the sexy woman he's going down on isn't his girlfriend--it's his mother! Julia quickly figures out the mixup, but she's not going to tell Adam. In the dark, her passionate son is the best lover she's ever had!


      It was the stupidest thing I could have done, but my heart was already pounding, the blood was singing in my ears. If I'd stood my ground one second longer, staring up into his dark, beautiful eyes, I would have burst. I would have exploded from shame and lust and my own torturous confusion. Adam called after me as I pushed the back door open and went tearing across the backyard.
      I winced as my bare foot crumpled a discarded beer can, but I kept running. Behind me, I heard the door swing open and shut again, and I knew Adam was in pursuit. He was so much bigger than me, so much stronger. But I kept running. I kept running down to where the ground sloped and the lawn narrowed to my garden. Beyond it was the trees, the old friendly trees I knew so well. What was I thinking? That I could hide here, forever? From myself and my son and the awful truth?
      He caught up with me on the edge of the garden, where the flat yard gave way to the wild forest beyond. Fingers like steel snapped around my wrist. I was panting and he was the only thing keeping me on my feet.
      "Don't--" I gasped. The tears were streaming down my face and I was blinking so fast I couldn't see. "Don't ask, Adam. Just don't. Let's let it be--" I'd never breathe again, I thought; I was going to have a heart attack.
      "Mom!" he shouted into my face. "Just calm down, okay? Just-- Just tell me what happened."
      "It was me, Adam," I sobbed. "I was in there, in the room. I didn't know who you were and it had been so long since I'd felt anything and--" It all poured out of me. "The way you kissed me, the way you touched me, the way your-- The way your body felt, I just couldn't stop myself. I wanted it." My nose was running and I hated myself for worrying how ugly I must have looked to him then. "I wanted it!" I screamed into his face. "And when I realized it was you, I-I didn't care! I just wanted to feel good! I wanted to feel like someone loved me and cared about MY pleasure! I'm so tired, Adam. And I didn't feel tired when you..." I forced myself to say it. "...when you were inside me..."
      The sobs wrenched out of me. I didn't dare look at him. I couldn't bear it. Not from my son, my baby. It was hard enough living with my shame, I couldn't bear anymore. I wasn't strong enough. "Please go..." I gasped, my chest aching. "Please just go and...and you don't ever have to look at me again."
      His fingers tightened around my arms. They tightened so hard I just had to look at him. And his eyes. His onyx eyes weren't ashamed. He put his thumb on my chin. "I didn't know you felt that way," he said, breathless. "You should feel loved, mom. Every day."
      "Oh, Adam!" I gasped, throwing my arms around him. "Can you forgive me?"
      "Forgive you?" he said. His lips were in my ear. His thumb was on my cheek, wiping my tears away, wiping my nose as if I were the child and he the parent. He wiped again, and again, until there was nothing left, and then his mouth...
      My fingernails raked his back as his tongue slid over mine. I was still crying, still sobbing, as he crushed me to his massive chest and kissed me. It wasn't a son's kiss, not at all. It was a needy lover's kiss.

Word Count: 12030

  • Manufactured by: Veronica Sloan

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