A Beautiful Loser


[cuckold, bondage, flogging, fisting, double penetration, anal, group, girl-on-girl, prostitution]

On a gambling trip to Reno Nancy loses big. To keep her husband from finding out she agrees to pay off her debt, coming back to screw Paul, the casino manager, or whoever he chooses. He”s rough and sexy, and she experiences the worlds of bondage and kink as he, his friends, and clients do her in every way. She starts looking toward her visits and longs to escape her ‘regular’ life.


      After she left, Paul poured another drink and we signed the papers. He gave me my copy and put the original in his safe.
      As he closed the safe, I stood up. “So I guess we are done?”
      “Not quite.”
      “I need to leave.”
      “Not quite yet, I said. You don’t need to rush. He’ll be home late tomorrow.”
      That was true. My bags were in my car. “I suppose.”
      He raised an eyebrow. “A loan has some closing costs—points. I want to collect a little and have a taste of what I’ll be getting. So stand up and come over here.” My legs were trembling as I walked close and I could feel his eyes on me. “Pull down those tight little shorts.”
      My hands shook as I reached for the snap and undid it. I gulped and took the zipper in my fingers and pulled it down. My neck and cheeks were flushed. I’d never undressed for a stranger before. It was embarrassing and erotic too. My feelings were all jumbled up. I was ashamed and excited at the same time. I didn’t have any panties on and that embarrassed me too. When I shucked the shorts down my hips baring my pussy to him, I heard his intake of breath. “Perfect,” he said.
      I felt a quiver of pleasure that was getting me wet.
      “Turn around and face my desk.” His words were commanding and I did what he said, although having my shorts around my knees made moving awkward. He came up behind me. I felt the warmth of his hand gently stroking my ass, his fingertips curling in the crack of my ass, touching my anus and then my cunt. My breath was ragged and the breaths short. This man was turning me on big time. He moved his hand and got behind me, pressing his pelvis against my ass. He reached around my torso, pushing my top up and grabbing my breasts, squeezing them. I moaned as he tugged my nipples.
      “Bend down,” he said. “Put your chest down on the desk and grab the far side so these soft tits are resting on it.”
      As I did what he said, his hands were on my ass again, squeezing my ass cheeks and making me quiver.
      I heard the sound of him unzipping his pants and then I felt the hot, damp contact of the tips his stiff cock against my thighs. He was teasing me, rubbing the head of his cock over my ass cheeks and thighs for a time before putting it where I wanted it. And the terrible truth was that I did want it. “Fuck,” I moaned as he pushed forward, sliding his hot prick into my pussy and setting off fireworks that rippled through me. I hadn’t been fucked in days and this felt incredible.

Word Count: 18,200

  • Manufactured by: Lizzy Eliot

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