Abducted By Bigfoot


[Paranormal Erotica, Bigfoot sex, abduction fantasy, dubious consent, Monster Sex, aggressive romance, Humor]

A solo canoeing trip in the wilderness goes wrong Janice finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere when her canoe gets destroyed in the unforgiving rapids. Things go from bad to worse when she tries to dry her clothes and gets chased away by a bear. Things get hot when an unlikely hero arrives to save her.


      Her normally shaved pubic hair was showing a week’s worth of growth since she left the comfort of her ranch in New Mexico. The cool breeze tugged at her private hair, constantly reminding her how exposed she was. Janice absentmindedly stroked the hairs, enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. Her hands trailed up her flat tummy to her breasts, cupping them as if offering them to the sun. She massaged the soft tissue and pinched her nipple. A sigh escaped her mouth as naughty thoughts appeared in her head. She imagined a man paddling up on a canoe seeing her laid bare on the rock for all to see like some kind of water Nymph, waiting to lure some lost wanderer. She imagined him strong as an ox with a scruffy beard. He would see her and be unable to control himself. The man would bend her over the rocks to take her, and she would let him. She felt a stirring between her legs as she imagined his strong hands gripping her waist as he fucked her, not like her ex who had soft hands and made love more like an apology than a command. She was a strong woman who needed a stronger man to fill her needs. This had proven hard to find in her life, leaving her more often than not alone.
      She laid her head back on the rock. Her left hand squeezed and tugged at her nipples as her right found its way between her legs. Two fingers slid up and down her labia, spreading them apart and wetting themselves on the moisture building up from inside. Janice’s hands became stand-ins for her imaginary lover’s as they kneaded her skin forcefully. She slipped a finger inside her wet pussy, then another. They massaged her lower lips, swirling in circles and coating themselves in juices. She teased herself, rubbing her mound, pushing slightly inside and out as her palm applied pressure on her throbbing clit. Her soaking fingers slid up to her pleasure button, which she ran between her knuckles as the tips of her fingers poked inside her soft pink hole. Bringing them up again they rubbed her clit. She pressed harder, her breath getting faster. Warmth filled her belly as she did.
      “Fuck me!” she said to her imaginary mountain man.
      Hips gyrating against her fingers, she arched her back and rubbed her clit faster. The tingling in her stomach crawled up her back. She pinched a nipple hard and twisted it. Hooking her middle finger, she pushed it inside of her pussy, aiming for her G-spot while her index finger played with her taint. She gyrated her hips harder as she imagined a big, strong, dirty man railing his cock into her. Wet slapping sounds bounced off the rocks and were drowned out by the sound of the rushing water. Her palm and fingers working like a symphony in perfect unison stroked herself from clit to asshole, pleasure rushing over her like the raging rapids. Pressure built up inside Janice’s body until her toes curled back. A moment later her hips bucked awkwardly as an orgasm rocked her body.

Word Count: 9,531

  • Manufactured by: Amelia Moore

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