A Walk With Daddy


[daddy daughter, taboo incest, incest erotica, family sex, incest breeding, fertile brat, age difference, age play, older man, younger woman]

Daddy and his daughter, Justice, are out for a walk in the woods, but when they stray from the path and Justice gets stung by poison ivy, Daddy has the notion that relieving himself on the afflicted area will help!

Well, when two people are alone in the woods and one of them starts to strip, you know what's going to happen! Even better when it's totally taboo!


      "Wait," I called, before he had chance to put himself back in his pants.
      "Can you leave it out a moment? For me?" I asked, completely out of the blue.
      "Leave it out. Your cock. I like looking at it," I said now, biting my lip as I lay vulnerable on the floor.
      "Justice, you don't know what you're saying girl," he said, shaking his head and moving to grip his cock.
      "No," I almost yelled, "leave it where it is."
      My hand moved all by itself to nestle between my open legs and it was enough to cause Daddy to freeze where he was now too.
      "Just what the hell is going on here?" he asked, still reluctant to reholster his manhood.
      "I'm not sure, Daddy, but I think I like it." My hand was moving up and down now over the denim of my shorts, feeling the mounting heat of my forbidden pussy below.
      "Justice, this is wrong!"
      "Isn't that what makes it so hot?"
      "We can't…what if someone comes?"
      "Daddy, no-one ever comes by here."
      "Look, I just don't think we can, OK?"
      "Daddy, look," I said, nodding my head towards his cock while I continued to rub between my legs.
      He looked down himself to see what must have been his worst nightmare. His cock had been growing all this time and he was sporting quite the erection.
      "That doesn't mean anything," he said, dismissively, regaining eye-contact with me. "And stop ... rubbing yourself!"
      "I can't help but notice you still have your cock out, Daddy," I smirked.
      He said nothing but looked down again instead and then at me. And then to my crotch.
      "Fuck, Justice, you're going to get me in a lot of trouble one of these days." He took his cock up in his hand and began to jerk it slowly back and forth. "Let's just hope it isn't today."

Word Count: 2,659

  • Manufactured by: Taboo, Inc.

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