The Other Hole


[anal sex, MF sex, explicit, romantic sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, dildo, femdom, pegging, transsexual]

Kay begged Cole to touch her “there.” But playing in that part of the woods has a price, he warned his new lover. “There’s a power shift. For the bottom, it’s humiliation, surrender, loss of control.” Though not sure she understood—and not caring—Kay eagerly submitted. When he takes her, Cole commanded her to bark like a dog (and she did!). Then the tables turned: Cole agreed to let Kay take him, although it takes a trip to their local sex toy shop for the right gear. Cole thinks he knows about the power shift. But it’s different when a woman is in control.


      Fucking her from behind, Kay was stretched out in front of me, her ass high in the air. I looked down at her pale round globes, my cock sliding in and out of her cunt, my hands enveloping her shimmering cheeks. And there it was--her asshole. So cute. As she neared orgasm, she opened, her brown hole winking at me as I drilled her.
      Anal sex? Not likely. The first time I probed her other hole, she gently pushed my hand away: “Not there.” I respect that. I’m not a pushy jerk.
      Eating her pussy, though, her juices flowing, coating her thighs, matting her pubic hair, my hands spreading her liquid around, it was inevitable that a finger would brush against her hole. I tested her, gently. Waiting until she was almost ready to come, her hips elevated, I rimmed her with the tip of my finger.
      Last week, it really connected. We had been fucking for nearly two hours, the Kegel exercises quite effective at stopping me from coming—or even leaking, as far as I could tell. We were fucking all over the apartment. I’d bring her to orgasm, pull out, flip her over or up or whatever, to another position, then resume fucking. By jumping around in the Kama Sutra, I got a few moments to pull back from the edge and relax my muscles without spewing all over Kay’s back or the furniture. My balls had that delicious, dull ache that comes from holding back.
      On the living room floor, Kay had straddled me. Riding my cock, up and down oh, so slowly, the look on her face in the half-light of the room told me she was in that other place women go when they are being exquisitely fucked. Her entire body glowed in the dark, her breasts jutting off of her chest, nipples hard.
      I said, “Your pussy is like a giant mouth, sucking me off in long, slow strokes.”
      Then, fucking while standing, Kay braced against the window, the room dark, her legs spread, I plowed her from behind. She came—and it was a squeaker, I nearly blew as her back arched, she cried out and pushed back against me as her orgasm broke. It took everything I had to clamp down and not shoot my load.
      I pulled her to the bed. On my knees, I settled between her legs. Her vulva was wet, swollen, her long inner lips open like a flower. I lapped and nuzzled and licked. She started thrusting, fucking my face as I tongued her. My hands cupped her ass and I lifted her hips off the bed. She was soaked and slippery.
      The index finger of my left hand found her asshole. Conscious of not overdoing it, I rimmed her as I tongued and slurped her clit. Her reaction was immediate. Lifting a leg to give me better purchase, Kay moved her hips in rhythm with my probing. In a moment, my finger was in her rectum to the second knuckle. Her vocalizing, always a sign of extreme sexual frenzy, got louder…and she came, her hips moving up and down on my finger as I pushed my tongue into her vagina.
      I glanced at the clock. Nearly three. My turn to come. I pushed her legs back, her feet dangling in the air, crawled up on the bed and mounted her.
      Kay begged, “The other hole.” It was almost a sob. “Put it in. I can’t stand it. Please.”
      I took her face in my hands. “You’ve never taken it in the ass, right?”
      “I don’t care. You’re driving me crazy.”
      “I’m not going to hurt you. The first time hurts.” I took over the fuck. Her ass was elevated, pulled nearly halfway up my thighs, her feet almost behind her head as she lay on her back and shoulders. I spread her labia and pushed my dickhead against her vagina.
      I plunged inside her. I can’t remember the rest, except that she screamed when I hit bottom. No Kegels or delayed orgasm shit this time. In what seemed like less than a minute, I exploded. Kay orgasmed yet again. After pumping what felt like a half-liter of splooge into her cunt, I collapsed next to her.
      “Next time,” she whispered. “The other hole.”
      “Be careful what you ask for.”
      She frowned. “You wouldn’t hurt me, would you?”
      “Of course not. We’ll go slow and use lots of lube. You’ll open up. It’s not that. It’s the power dynamic.”
      I put my hand to her face. “When you give me your ass, it’s complete surrender..."

Word Count: 6,100

  • Manufactured by: K.C. Cave

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