Titillating Tales - Volume 1


[erotica anthology, menage, hot couple action, wolf shifter, alpha male, alpha female, LGBT, erotic romance, erotic stories, paranormal erotica]

This 85,000+ word erotica anthology (volume one) is written and intended for a mature audience.

Finding Love and Ecstasy With You
Old Maud's Addiction to Her Electrical Vibrating Massager
Hucow Heights
Dancing Into Ecstasy With You
Beth's Hypnotic Sexy Wolf Shifter


      My knickers feel damp. Again... Not to worry though, the spare pair in my handbag will do, later, on my coffee break, when I'll replace them. I'll nip into the ladies’ room and will finger myself for a quickie. I've never been with a man before, despite having an ex-boyfriend. Not treating me right, I soon dumped him. I bet Dan isn't like that. He used to get on my nerves. He doesn't even notice me though, now, every time he walks past. Or maybe he does. I don't know, yet. I mean, he could be eyeing me up through his sunglasses and not letting on that he's perfectly well aware of my obvious lust for his body. What I wouldn't give to rip his t-shirt off with my teeth and ride his huge cock in the street. For all I know, he might have a tiny cock and the bulge I see when his jacket isn't hiding it may have padding down there for all I know, but in my fantasies, it's the size of a hard cucumber; with a big, luscious, pre-cum lubricated head; perfect for pushing inside my tight, wet pussy. God, I want him so much. I need him sliding inside me. I shouldn't be having these thoughts but it's not like we're blood-related and we're both adults. I doubt he'll ever feel the same intensity that I'm feeling and I doubt he's telepathic either, so I'll just go on enjoying my kinky fantasies. Nobody has to ever know...
      Alexis let out a low long groan and closed her eyes for a few moments as waves of pleasure swept down and across her breasts and pussy as her womb contracted in yet another mini orgasm. She made herself cough to stop herself gasping loudly. I bet his muscular torso and legs would feel so good, pinning me down as I open my legs for him, guiding his hardness into me. Life isn't fair sometimes. I want him, badly! I'd willingly give up everything in my life to feel his burning kisses of desire on my body, his hands on my breasts, his cock filling me with warm sticky cum, using every hole I have; dripping sweat all over me as he pumps away like a non-stop fucking machine. One delicious night of lust with him would last me a thousand lifetimes and I'd never recover from his hot touch probably. He hasn't bothered with the family for years. Fuck knows why. One day he's in our lives, then the next he’s off abroad, working in a tropical beach bar. Maybe it was our mother remarrying that affected him a lot more than I thought it did back then. It affected me too but she's happy with her new, younger more attentive husband, so that's all that matters. Dad is too, after marrying an older sexy woman who had Dan, Frank and Harry from her previous marriage to someone else. We all kept in regular touch back then, but as time passed, they all seemed to go their own ways until we spoke less and less. I got this job and life went on.
      I still keep in touch with our parents from time to time, when I'm not working all day and a shit load of overtime on top of that too. I'm earning fantastic money and a perk of being promoted to manageress in this place means I also get a massive discount on clothes, so I'm more than happy here; despite my boss being a depressive influence on me some days. The only pleasure I get each day is the joy of seeing Dan stroll past the window. It was such a shock to see him again after so long but when I first saw him months ago, it made me so happy, happier than I've been in a long time. So why is Dan back now? And why the hell does he walk past here every day when he could easily take a different route?
      He's older now, since I saw him years ago; ten years older than me in fact and he looks so damn hot. I sigh as he disappears out of sight around a corner, jangling his car keys in one hand and slicking back his dark hair with the other, then scratching his beard, his amazing ass getting smaller and smaller as he disappears into the distance and out of my line of vision again. And out of my life. Again. I wish he'd leave just his ass outside the window, so I can gaze at it all day. If his ass is this nice, I expect his cock is even more ridiculously impressive. I feel my pussy squirt a little more juice. My nipples are so erect under my black satin bra; they're bursting to be free of this blouse. I'm desperate to lick my finger, reach in and circle them, then give them a good firm squeeze until I'm screaming orgasms all day, into the early morning. Thank God I'm wearing a thong! I love the sensation of it riding up into the crack of my ass, almost like a fabric finger probing my tight hole; teasing and tormenting me all day long until I get home and finish the job off myself with lubricated latex gloves; sliding one finger in my ass and my whole hand into my wet pussy with my other hand after warming myself up first for a while.

Word Count: 85,250

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