Too Young To Love


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, mmf, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, first time, domination and submission]

Eighteen-year-old Annie knows she is destined to be with famous human art photographer Tony Richards, but he insists she is too young, too inexperience, and too innocent.

What better way to prove him wrong than make him watch as she takes on four men during his photo shoot?

What could possibly go wrong?


      "Put your hands here," I murmured, face turning red with embarrassment as I adjusted Hank's hand to rest between my legs, just a little above the throbbing core that was leaking a little in arousal. "Don't you think that's better, Tony?" I turned to him and smiled brightly.
      He was sweating a little, but grunted in agreement. It did seem better for the shoot if the men didn't look like they were strangers to me. They were, in fact, merely acquaintances.
      I was in another room doing a photo shoot with Tony and instead of wearing the long, elegant dress that he had chosen for me, I kept my own tight but revealing dress on. It provided a good contrast to the half naked men around me.
      The male models, Joseph, Hank, and Gavin, were deliciously shirtless, muscles rippling as they flexed their bodies to Tony's instructions.
      As he clicked away on his fancy new camera, I gave him a sultry look and slid the strap of my dress down a little more, exposing more skin to the men surrounding me.
      I smiled at the instant look of protectiveness he had and slid my strap down a little more down my chest. My breasts were visible now. Just a few more inches and they would be able to see my pink nipples.
      I crossed my legs and stared at Tony. He cleared his throat, clearly flustered.
      It was now or never.
      "Perhaps it would be better if I wasn't wearing so much clothing?" I stood up and took off my dress. It fell onto the floor soundlessly and I sat back down.
      Instantly, all eyes were on me and the air grew heavy with lust.
      I wasn't wearing any underwear.

Word Count: 12,179

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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