Mother-Son Confessions #1 - Forbidden Fruit


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Mother-Son Confessions is a unique series featuring five very special couples. Five loving mothers living in sin with their lusty sons get together for a weekend and share their stories and sexy adventures. Each book will include five hot encounters featuring each sexy mom and her adoring son. Book one introduces these five hot couples for whom no fruit is truly forbidden!


      RJ was still working his fingers in and out of her convulsing holes and his tongue dancing across her clit, keeping the waves of pleasure crashing through her, God he was so good to her! Her body tensed and as her eyes rolled back her pussy convulsed and unable to hold it back she squealed as a stream of sticky fluid exploded from her pussy and splattered all over RJ’s face and chest.
      Her pussy contracted again and this time she was able to control her sounds of ecstasy when another stream erupted in her son’s face.
      “Oh my god.” She breathed, releasing his head from between her legs. “See that, Ray? That’s how a woman comes when she’s with a man, not a dog.”
      “Damn, mom.” RJ looked up at her, his face glistening and several large wet spots on his t-shirt.
      “My baby made me come hard.” She ran her foot along his cock. “Hmm, this is hard too.”
      “Yeah, well we better….”
      He trailed off when Laura slid off the table and grabbing a kitchen chair pulled it over to the sink.
      “Mom what the hell are you…oh, wow.”
      Laura got on her knees on the chair and resting her forearms on the sink, pointed her plump ass at him
      “Fuck me.” She said without preamble.
      Grabbing the curtains she pulled them closed partway so if he looked up all Ray would see was her looking out the window. Behind her, RJ moved her thong over, grabbed her hip and plunged his cock balls deep inside her.
      Laura grunted as he fucked her with long hard strokes that normally would have her yelping, but normally she wasn’t looking out the window at her husband. Letting the thong go, RJ gabbed her other hip and went to town on her.
      “Fuck that pussy.” She hissed, “Fuck me while that idiot is right in front of me.”
      RJ was happy to oblige, hammering away at his mother’s pussy and squeezing her meaty ass as he did so. She longed for him to spank her, but it would be too loud and instead she looked over her shoulder and said, “Put your finger in my ass.”
      He promptly shoved a finger inside and she groaned as he pumped it in time with his thrusting cock. RJ had already come and she’d had him finger her ass as much to get him more excited as an extra thrill for her. She had the insane urge to let him fuck her in the ass, but she’d let him do it before and there was no way she could remain quiet with that huge cock in her tight ass.
      “Come on, baby.” She whispered, “Don’t hold back, you fuck me as hard as you can, you claim your mother’s pussy, make it yours, because it is, isn’t it?”
      “And this is your cock.” He moaned as he repeatedly slammed into her hard enough to make his balls slap against her pussy. She looked over her shoulder and watched his glistening cock slide in and out from between her cheeks and noticed them jiggle as he pounded into her.
      Ray had mentioned that once and she had been ashamed, that word again, now she found it exciting because RJ had mentioned it as well, but told her it was hot and that’s why he liked to spank her, to watch her ass shake.
      She worked her hips in circles as he fucked her and he moaned as she kept changing the angle on him and contracted her pussy around his plunging cock.
      “When we’re in New Hampshire I’ll let you tie me up and spank me.” She urged him on. “Then you can fuck me in that tight little ass your finger is in. You want that ass again don’t you?”
      “Fuck yeah.” He moaned as he continued to plow into her.
      “I bet you do, dirty boy, you love taking his wife in the ass when she doesn’t even want him in her pussy, don’t you?”
      “I love that my mother’s my little slut.”
      “That’s right, honey, your slut, I’ll give you anything, but right now you need to give me a nice hot load in my pussy.” She groaned when he fucked her even harder, “Hmm, right inside my pussy, your first pussy.” She slipped and yelped when he tore into her even faster, “Your favorite pussy.” She sighed, “Your mother’s pussy,”
      RJ was whimpering after each thrust and breathing like a bull. His cock was twitching inside her and she knew he was close. She watched Ray stand up wipe his hands off and needing RJ to finish, decided to give him a dirty thrill to send him over the edge.
      “Hi, Honey!” She called out, her voice quavering as she battled to keep it steady while RJ continued his relentless assault on her pussy. “Almost done?”
      “Yeah.” He nodded, looking up at her. “Be in soon.”
      Laura’s face was only a few inches above the window sill and she knew that was all he could see. What he couldn’t see as he looked at her from twenty feet away was that she was on her knees, her tits hanging out and her dress pushed up to her waist and most importantly, his son giving her a savage fucking from behind.
      “That’s good.” She called out then blew him a kiss and really twisted the needle, “Love you, honey.”
      Laura knew she was sick, but it seemed she wasn’t the only one. As soon as she had spoken, RJ gasped behind her and flooded her pussy with his hot load. Her eyes still on Ray, she gave him a huge smile as her son erupted inside her, painting the walls of his mother’s pussy.

Word Count: 56,390

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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