Driven MILF-Crazy


[milf, rite of passage, older woman, younger man, hardcore sex, public sex]

Eddie is finally motivated to get his driver’s license. His instructor, Estella, is a 40-year old Latina MILF with a bodacious bust and an ass to die for. Whether she’s in her instructor’s uniform or a lime-green bikini, Estella is bar-none the hottest MILF around, and the object of every lurid fantasy Eddie has. As if that wasn’t enough, Estella knows just how to ease her student whenever he’s feeling ‘stiff’ with nerves. After all, she wants him to become the best driver he can be.


      “Well…” she said eventually. “This’ll make the rest of the lesson a little hard.” She paused for a moment, then we both realized what she said and burst out laughing together. This eased some of the tension. “So,” Estella began. “Do you want to step out of the car and take care of it?”
      I was suddenly overcome with boldness. I mean, hell, she could see my erection; if I was going to be upfront about what I wanted, there was no better time to do it. So guess what I did. Yep, I responded to her question with a lackadaisical “Not really,” and watched her eyes widen as I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hot, turgid member.
      She raised a hand to her mouth, covering a smile. I didn’t care if it was from embarrassment; that moment sitting there, exposing myself to this gorgeous MILF, was the most unreal, erotic moment of my life. The blood pounded in my ears, and I swear I could hear my heart beating in my chest. It’s a good thing I had nothing to say, because my mouth was so dry I could not utter a single word.
      When Estella finally removed her hand from her face, she was still smiling and her tanned face had gone a shade of red.
      “Wow. Eduardo I wasn’t expecting…that.”
      I swallowed, trying to bring enough moisture to my mouth to say those two crucial words. “Wanna help?”
      It was all riding on that. There was nothing else I could say; I’d crossed that line and there was no going back.
      The next few moments would change the course of my life.
      She glanced around, out one window and then the other. Estella bit her lower lip as her eyes fell to my cock again. The darkish shaft; the pink head glistening with precum; my balls which I pulled out and held in my other hand.
      Estella leaned in and whispered: “Okay. Let’s do this.”

Word Count: 13,750

  • Manufactured by: Jessie Foxx

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