Submitting to the Gym Teacher


[Teacher Student taboo, first time, BDSM, exhibitionism, domination and submission, spanking]

When Riley offers herself to her boyfriend for the first time, he makes full use of the opportunity and ties her up in the school gym, only to abandon her at the first sign of trouble. Quivering, she watches as her handsome gym teacher walks into the court, heat and power radiating from his being with every step he takes. She struggles in her bondage but is merciless to fight against his advances.

Join Riley in her void of ecstasy as she is taken for the first time by the older man, hard, fast, and without protection. This is a standalone story and is part of a sizzling hot teacher-student romance series.


      "James!" I said, my words muffled slightly by his insistent advances. I gasped when I felt his hand sneaking under my blouse. The touch of his cold fingers on naked skin sent shivers down my spine. I felt myself arching my back to his touches, moaning slightly into his lips as his fingers trailed up waist to my tits.
      He groaned appreciatively as his hands gripped my soft tits through my bra.
      "Oh!" I gasped, leaning away from him slightly when I felt his hands push my bra downwards. "James!" I scolded, looking around to make sure that there was nobody else in the empty parking lot. "Oh! No!" I screamed, half heartedly pushing him away as his hands made bare contact on my tits.
      The thrill of getting caught added to my arousal. I crossed my legs, sure that I was already wet down below.
      "Nobody's around," James said confidently, pulling my shirt up so that I was exposed to him completely. "You're so beautiful," he said, his eyes glued to my tits.
      I blushed at his compliment, though I wasn't feeling particularly attractive with my shirt bunched on my neck and my bra pushed under my tits. He was probably just talking to my boobs.
      Without warning, he lowered his head and suckled my nipple.
      I cried out in pleasure, unable to help myself from leaning into him. My fingers curled into his soft hair, gripping his head so that he could continue to flick and lick my nipple. His other hand held firmly onto my other breast, fingers teasing, pulling, and pinching my nipple to bring an unfamiliar heat between my legs.
      A cloud of pleasure enveloped me and drugging waves of bliss washed over me. I moaned and gasped for air, whispering faint refusals as my body screamed for more...

Word Count: 6,156

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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