The Promise Papers #34 - Seducing Chelsea


[erotica, hardcore, age-play fantasy, generational incest, grandfather, granddaughter, teen, virgin, pregnancy]

After his one passionate love affair, nearly thirty years ago, had ended in disaster, Chase McNaughton had retreated to his remote mountain ranch, and become a recluse. He'd built a good life for himself, and thought that he was content raising his award-winning racehorses in peaceful solitude.

Then his entire life changed when he learned that his childhood sweetheart, Lily, had given birth to a daughter who'd died young, leaving behind a young daughter of her own...and now an officious social worker wanted him to adopt the girl, and take her up to live on his ranch!

What the hell was he supposed to do with a granddaughter he hadn't even known existed?

Like it or not, he was her legal guardian now. But she looked so much like Lily that his lusty hormones screamed every single time he looked at her. How could he possibly keep his hands off her when she was so gorgeous, so sexy...and so transparently eager to take him as her first lover?


      Quickly Chelsea closed the door behind her, then crossed over to the noisy shower. Before her courage could falter, she slid the translucent panel aside, and stepped inside.
      Chase jumped half a mile when she curled both arms around his lean waist, then spun around in shocked surprise. "Chelsea! What the hell are you doing in here?"
      Her fascinated gaze dropped unerringly to the thick shaft curving up from between his tensed thighs. "Wow!" she gasped. Up close, it was even bigger than she'd thought!
      He jolted, and instinctively splayed his hand over his bobbing cock, trying to hide it. "What are you doing in here?" he insisted, taking a hasty step back. "You shouldn't be in here!"
      Slowly she looked back up at him, and rising excitement swallowed the last dregs of her shivery nerves. A teasing grin curved her lips. "I thought maybe you needed someone to wash your back...or your front. You said yourself that I'm a woman now, and that you wanted to start a family." She pressed against him, and nearly moaned with delight when his long cock began to surge rhythmically against her flat belly. "I do, too! I want to have a baby...I want to have your baby!"
      The shockwave that tore through him nearly buckled his knees. "Chelsea, you don't know what you're saying," he rasped. "You're too young. It wouldn't be safe!"
      "Then why have you been trying every night since I got here to make me pregnant?"
      Dismay widened his eyes, and his jaw dropped. "How did you..."
      Then he shook his head so vigorously that droplets of hot water sprayed in a wide circle. "No, damn it! You were asleep! How could you know that?"
      So she'd been right! Triumph lanced through her belly, and radiated out through her body like a whirlwind.
      "I wasn't always asleep," she grinned. "But it felt so good that I didn't want you to stop. And I knew that if I said anything, you would. So I pretended to be asleep!"
      Chase gulped, and looked a little sick. "Sweetheart, you don't understand..."
      "Yes, I do." Again she interrupted him, and reached up to press her mouth against his. "You want me to have a baby. That's why you did the sex thing, pushing it against me and filling me up inside."
      She was absolutely right, but...
      "You're too tight." His shaky control slipped another notch as she wriggled against him, and her swelling nipples rubbed enticingly against his furred chest. "If I push my cock inside you, I'll hurt you. And I could hurt you really badly, Chelsea! I can't risk it!"
      How could anyone so smart be so willfully dense?
      "Chase," she pointed out, with irrefutable logic, "if you make me pregnant, I'm going to have to push out a baby. That'll be a whole lot bigger than your..." She blushed a little, but doggedly continued, "your cock."
      Hearing the raunchy word tumble from her innocent lips nearly broke him. "Chelsea...oh, God!" How could he possibly resist when she was stretching up on her toes, trying to kiss him again? Her mouth was so soft and sweet against his! "Listen to me! If I start, I won't be able to stop. Do you understand me?"
      Ravenous hunger began to tear at him with razor-sharp claws. Could he retain some semblance of control if he plunged inside her? Could he keep from thrusting too hard, too deep, and doing her permanent damage?

Word Count: 22,398

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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