The Promise Papers #36 - True Confessions


[Incest: TRUE STORY, age-play fantasy, twin sisters, cousins, virgins, older men, lesbian sex, bisexual, groupsex]

A lot of people have asked us where we got our start. Did we always know that we wanted to publish erotica? Where do we get our ideas? Have we actually done any of the things we write about?

Well, that's a story and a half! So, at the urging of several close friends (you know who you are!) Becca and I collaborated on this delightful little walk down Memory Lane. But I am, as she's always claimed, the wild & crazy twin, so she's letting me take the full credit (or the blame!) for what you're about to read. And that's exactly as it should be--because I'm the one who started it.

This is a true story. You may not believe that, and I can't entirely blame you, because I probably wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't actually been there. But it is true, and it changed both of our lives.

We've altered the names of our cousins and older brother to protect...well, not the guilty. But not the innocent, either. LOL To protect the names of the men that we love.

You can believe it or not, as you choose. But as for me, I was there, so I know. It really happened. And take it from me--it was totally awesome!


      "Tom?" Drowsily Becca stirred, and sucked in a deep, trembling breath. "Oh, Tom!"
      Was she having a sex dream? Tani's sleep had been peppered with them lately. In fact, she'd woken up from one just a few minutes ago, and her belly was still tingling with the strange excitement that always filled her whenever she dreamed about their muscular brother, or talked to him on the phone.
      She'd tried to touch herself down there, where the tingling sensation made her hot and slippery. At first she'd thought there was something wrong with her, because why else would she be wet as if she'd peed herself? But it wasn't pee. It was slick, and it tasted good. And over the past few weeks, she'd come to realize that it was happening whenever she had the really sexy dreams. Touching herself felt so good that it was downright scary!
      Was Becca wet, too?
      Cautiously she tugged the sweaty sheet away. Becca's babydoll nightie was sticking to her body, outlining the subtle curves of her budding breasts. Tani frowned a little at that. It wasn't fair that her twin had the beginnings of real breasts, when all she had were little button bumps.
      "Becca." She pitched her voice really low, and was pleased by how husky it sounded as she carefully lifted the hem of her sister's thigh-high nightgown. If Tom really had been bending over her, she was sure he'd sound exactly that way. "Do you want me to touch you, Becca?"
      Her sister moaned a little, and her slender hips twitched.
      Okay, why not? Scary or not, she liked touching herself, and making pleasure explode through her straining young body. Becca and she did everything together. Why not show her how to do this? It might even make up for the totally unfair fact that Becca was growing pretty boobs.
      Heat was pumping off her twin's slender body. Very slowly, Tani slid her fingers into the shadowed groove between Becca's parted thighs, and felt new heat envelop them.
      She was so wet that it was seeping right through her cotton panties!
      "Holy cow, Bec!" Surprised, Tani moved her index finger back and forth, and felt the slick material press deeper into her sister's wet folds.
      "Tom!" Becca's rising cry startled her so much that she nearly snatched her hand back. "Oh...oh...oh!" Fierce shudders swept through her, and she cried out again. "Ooooohhhhhhhhhh!"

Word Count: 8,540

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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