Incest, Inc. #3 - Perverted Pleasures


[incest, twincest, hardcore sex, group sex, taboo, brother/sister, oral sex, anthology]

The Gallifrey family is having a swinging good time…until younger brother Jason gets cold feet. Will his sexy older sister and horny twin be able to lure him back into the fold? And what other surprises are in store when new family members show up? Life is interesting when you work for Incest, Inc!


      ”Well, here we are,” Angie said as they entered Jason's room. All things considered, she thought it best that they not make love for the first time in her room, with the faint scent of lust still in the air from her session with their father yesterday afternoon. Without any fuss, she stripped, tossing her clothes carelessly on the floor. “What?”
      Jason was staring at her. No. Jason was drinking her in, the expression on his face awestruck. She swallowed. No one had ever looked at her that way before, their faces filled with a combination of tenderness and desire and sheer, simple, love. The sight made her legs weak, and she was suddenly willing to do anything, literally anything, to make him continue to look at her that way.
      “You're incredible, Angelica. Absolutely incredible.”
      “Thanks,” she said, trying to keep her voice light. Inside, she was turning to putty, her belly churning with unfulfilled lust, her pussy on fire, flooding her with thick wet heat. “But what about you? Take those clothes off, pretty boy, and let me see what you've been hiding.”
      Jason began to undress, and her eyes widened. Every square inch of him was lovely to her eyes. It was as if Shannon's Goddess had designed for her the perfect man and had hid him squarely under her nose for years. When he stepped out of his shorts and boxers, the sight of his erect cock, rising bold and proud from the downy brown nest of his pubic hair, made her breath catch in her throat. “Jason. You're beautiful.”
      “Me?” He laughed, the sound containing a surprising quaver. “Look at you. Your body, your butt, your...your tits. You're absolutely fucking gorgeous. I feel ridiculous just being in the same room with you.”
      She smiled. This was a side of her brother she had never seen before, and she thought she might grow to like it. “You say the sweetest things,” she cooed, moving closer. Unconsciously, she put a slow strut in her steps, enjoying the way her brother's eyes widened as she approached him. “What do you like the best? My butt?” She turned and shook her rear at him. “My boobs?” She lifted one 34-C in her hand, enjoying the weight as it settled into her palm. Stroking her nipple with her thumb, she brought it to turgid fullness. She had always loved her nips, loved the way they grew thick and fat at the tips of her funbags.
      “Everything.” His eyes were wide, and she could see his cock pulsing in time with his heartbeat, his long pole bouncing in a rhythm that found its answer inside the fertile swamp of her pussy. Suddenly she wanted, with a need that was beyond thought, him inside her, his lovely phallus filling her up, making her climax.

Word Count: 11,776

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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