Genetic Sexual Attraction


[Mother Son Sex; Brother Sister Incest; Father Daughter Incest; Lesbian Encounter; Family Sex; Consensual Incest; Consanguinity; MILF; Hot Daughter; Sexy Sister; Older Man/Younger Girl; Older Woman/Younger Man; Anal Sex; Oral Sex; Public Sibling Sex]

Genetic Sexual Attraction. What is GSA? Does it differ from Consensual Incest? It’s a hotly debated subject. This novel explores the phenomenon. A son, a mother, a brother, a sister and a daughter share how GSA granted them an intimate love they found with no one else. Speaking with renowned sociologist, Dr. Gavin, they share how GSA allowed them to cross one of society’s strongest taboos.


      She didn’t wait to hear her brother’s words.
      She knew it was in only one of the locker rooms she could get away with what Berry planned. Before he had a chance to speak, Berry put both hands on her brother’s shirtless, muscled chest and thrust Dorian through the men’s door. Without reservation, his sister came for him. Continuing to push him, her brother backpedaled until he reached the rear of the locker room. Reaching the shower area, Berry shoved him through. The showers were empty, the rest of the men’s locker room he didn’t know.
      “I don’t care if anyone else is in here with us. I earned my reward and I wanted it now!” Dorian’s sister demanded. He knew Berry was a psycho-slut but he didn’t grasp his sister’s true intent. He watched her prance about. She turned the first two showerheads on each side to full blast. Berry danced about, turning on more showers, filling the shower area full of steam.
      “Berry, what the fuck? What are you fucking doing?” Dorian asked. To answer his question, his sister launched herself on him like a minx. Berry wrapped him in her sore and exhausted arms; she pulled herself up him…Dorian grabbed her braid. Yanking his sister’s head back, he stated a known fact, “Berry, you are fuckin’ crazy.”
      “As if that’s news,” she laughed and slid down his body. In an easy motion, Berry pulled down her shorts and kicked them out of the way.
      “No, we can’t,” her brother pleaded. He knew his sister’s intentions. Berry mounted her brother. Fighting his grasp, she bit his lower lip…Dorian thought, this is crazy; this is crazy; this is crazy; this is crazy.
      “You know you can’t resist,” Berry told him. She knew her brother’s thoughts. Releasing him, she pushed her brother against the back wall. Dorian knew, ‘Resistance is futile.’ Pulling off her pink sports bra, Berry ordered her brother to, “Get naked.”
      This is crazy; this is crazy; this is crazy; this is crazy, Dorian thought. Yet, he followed his sister’s dark desire. He disposed of his shorts, his boxers coming off in the same motion. Berry, uninhibited, matched him, removing her panties. With the siblings nude, Berry loved the sight of her ‘little brother.’ He was far from little. His powerful physique announced he was a man…Dorian enjoyed the similarities and differences between their mother and his sister. Although obviously related Berry’s raven-black mane was in stark contrast to their mom’s blonde hair. They shared the same fair skin and blue eyes, yet with Berry’s dark features her eyes were entrapping. Berry was taller and thinner than their mother. Mom had the body of a true woman, Berry had the body of a girl blossoming into womanhood…
      Comfortably naked before each other, brother and sister turned on the rest of showerheads. Splashing water, the siblings playfully doused each other. With Dorian superior reach, he was able to cup his hand under a powerful showerhead and directed a firehose stream of water at his sister. She tried to flee his onslaught but within seconds, Berry was soaked. No point in running, she stood proudly and took her brother’s stream across her chest.
      “Come and get some of this,” Berry yelled at her brother.
      Her bully ended his oncoming stream. As she stood under the warm spray, Dorian took his sister into his arms. He grabbed Berry and pulled her to him, lifting her off her feet…Berry knew her brother was going to give what she craved. Dorian knew what his sister craved. Holding her head by her ponytail…she wrapped her legs around him, securing her hold on her brother. Dorian lovingly slammed his sister against the back wall. As air escaped her, Berry held tight to her brother’s body. Peeling his sister off the wall, Dorian bit her cheek and slammed Berry again upon the wall. Her back made an erotic wet slapping sound…Her breath escaped from Berry, her back stung, her skull rang from headbutting the ceramic tile. She was in her glory.
      “Are you ready to give me what I need?” his sister asked.
      “Turn around,” Dorian ordered. Berry was amused. She loved when her little brother thought he was in command, when he ordered his sister to do her wishes, not his! And so, this was a command she wanted him to order; a demand she wanted to obey.

Word Count: 58,716

  • Manufactured by: Dinkleberry

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