All In The Family


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This is an anthology consisting of twelve short stories about incest. The characters in these tales believe in keeping it all in the family. Included are a girl and her whole extended family on her 18th birthday, stories of sex between a mother and son, fathers and their daughters, two sisters and more, even including a man and his sexy, barely legal granddaughter.


      The sexy brunette also knew it was time, or past time. She had never before felt as sexually aroused as she was then, not even while actually fucking, and she was begging her grandfather to bring her to a climax. When he took her swollen clit into his mouth and started sucking, while his tongue caressed the sides and top, it only took a minute of those attentions for her to start coming.
      “Oh, god!” she cried out. “Yes! Yes! Keep sucking me.”
      Her legs clamped onto Paul’s temples and her hands grabbed the back of his head to jam his face even more snugly into her pussy. She continued bouncing up and down on the bed, and her long, muscular legs swung from side to side with Paul a very willing prisoner between them. He hung on to her thighs and kept her clit in his mouth and sucked and licked in the same tempo as her pussy ramming against his mouth. Christine’s cries of joy continued, even louder and more incoherent than they had been when she was coming from fucking herself with the dildo.
      When she climaxed, the hotty gave a loud cry of ecstasy as her back arched and she jammed her pussy against the face of the man who had brought her to that condition. After her orgasm, all her muscles relaxed and her arms flopped out at her side, but her legs remained draped loosely over Paul’s shoulders. He removed his mouth from around her clit and feasted on all the nectar that had just been produced, the most delicious he had ever tasted. When he was done, he removed his middle finger from her ass, backed slowly away and let his granddaughter’s legs fall to the bed.
      Paul had a raging erection; his cock was the hardest it had been for years. His need to fuck was urgent, but he had no condoms in the house. He believed – correctly – that Christine was probably quite promiscuous, and he wanted to take no chances on contacting AIDS or any kind of STD. He knelt between her legs, wondering what to do and strongly temped to stick his cock into her with no protection and take his chances. He knew he would have to first wash the finger that had been in her ass, so he went to the bathroom for that. When he returned, he knelt between her legs again and looked down on her lush body and her face, which was a mask of total bliss. Christine opened her eyes and grinned lewdly at the hard cock aiming in her direction.

Word Count: 61,537

  • Manufactured by: George Boxlicker

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