Love Potion No. 2


[virgin, first cousin sex, daddy fantasy, age play, orgy, group sex, anal penetration, dubious consent, swinging couples, BDSM, slave play, spanking, bondage, discipline, swapping, oral sex, voyeurism, lesbian, bisexual, male/male penetration, stranger sex, sex in public, dogging, seduction, first time sex, power play, sadism play, masochism play, older man with virgin girl, older woman with inexperienced boy, strap on, prostitution]

Love Potion No. 2
Featuring a quartet of novellas designed to turn you on.

Acts of Pleasure - by Poppy Phoenix
Join Poppy’s world of pleasure where she swings with her friends, seduces a young neighbour, fulfils her own dreams and others' fantasies with sex and romance. Poppy shares these events, some shocking and some amusing, but all are true and all are from her own real life experiences. They include multiple partners, old and young, threesomes, foursomes, bisexual, group sex, voyeur, spanking and other games as she and her husband Steven, aka, The Pervert embrace the swinging lifestyle for their own pleasure. Truth is stranger than fiction, an oft-quoted phrase that readily describes this account from self-confessed sex addict, Poppy Phoenix.

Under Him - by Adele Lee
Under Him is a true confession of Adele’s initiation, which takes place at the hands of handsome Rob. Adele has always loved worldly-wise Rob, who bribes her with the promise of gifts and cash. She sacrifices her virginity and much more besides, little knowing that her initiation into the addictive pleasure of sex will turn her a Sunday Girl.

A Diary - by Charlotte Caldo
Share Charlotte Caldo’s candid revelations in this sexy, full disclosure. Charlotte discovers her old diaries and exposes her past in an emotional journey of bad behaviour and wild antics. Follow her as she revisits numerous hot encounters, told in her own scorching, confessional words.

Poppy’s Party Pieces - by Poppy Phoenix
Poppy says...I believe that the truth is often hornier, smuttier and sexier than fiction. I am happy to write smutty, real life sex stories for your amusement and satisfaction. I very much hope you enjoy Poppy's Party Pieces. Do drop me a line if you would like to chat, I can be contacted via the Secret Narrative website.


Excerpt from Under Him:
      Sunday Girl
      My first cousin is older than me and expert in masturbation, which he often demonstrates whenever we are alone in the house. My parents think it perfect that Cousin Rob should be left in charge while they go out for the evening, or away for the weekend. Even when we are all staying in the same house, Rob finds ways to play sex games. Horny and desperate to plunge his ever-hard cock into a real live girl as often as possible. That girl turned out to be me.
      Recently, Cousin Rob decided it was time for my initiation. I didn’t know what it meant at first, but I quickly learn.
      I am in the spare room at the top of my uncle’s house; my cousin’s room is on the floor below. Both are quite a distance away from the master bedroom and the other guest rooms where our parents sleep. I hear my bedroom door creak open, it must have been the noise that woke me because I’m sure I wasn’t awake before I am aware that someone is standing beside my bed. He’s well-built for his age and dark. Man-sized. I already knew he was man-sized in the cock department. He often masturbates in front of me, trying to shock me, showing off, and wanking furiously until he ejaculates. Wherever we are, he doesn’t care. He just adores getting his cock out and rubbing. He loves me to watch.
      He doesn’t scare me, but occasionally he disgusts me. When I first saw his cock, I didn’t like the look of it at all, and I hated the thick, curly hairs that creep from his navel and disappear beneath him. Sometimes he lies down, and I stand over him, rooted to the spot, watching him play with his erection until he spurts upwards, his cream lands wherever he decides to point his cock. Most often on me.
      One of the things that trouble me, more than anything else, is the moisture that seeps into my knickers, and the confusing feelings that engulf me when I realise that I want to touch myself. At first, I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I was disturbed by his displays. Initially, I was confused and curious at the same time.
      I open my eyes and look up; he’s standing in shadow beside the head of the bed. “Sssh… It’s me, don’t say anything.”
      “I know it’s you… I can see you,” I reply, in spite of his instruction.
      “Sssh… Can I get in with you?”
      “Why?” I say though, in my heart, I know the answer.
      “I want to cuddle you. I won’t stay long, I just want a hug, and there’s plenty of room for two. Go on, Adele, it’ll be our little secret. Please say yes.”
      “I’m not sure. What if someone comes?”
      “They’ve all been asleep for hours, and you know that no one gets up before noon. It’s the holiday.”
      “I’m tired,” I whine, half-heartedly.
      “Tell you what. If you let me get in and cuddle you, I’ll get you a present. Whatever you want.”
      “Really? What?”
      “Anything? Anything I want.”
      “Anything your little heart desires, cuz. Name it.”
      I hold the covers back and allow him to climb in next to me.
      I guess that was my first negotiation.
      “Once upon a time there was a handsome boy.”
      I giggle. Lying in the warmth, with my cousin’s long limbs pressed against mine.
      “The handsome boy has a favourite girl called Adele. Although she is first cousin, he wishes she was his sister. He loves her. He wishes he was her best brother. He loves her in a way that boys love girls. In the way that men like women. He wants to touch her in her secret places. He wants her to do things with him, and for him. But he knows that she is scared.”
      I stiffen in his arms and wait.
      “Will you? Will you let me touch you, Adele?”
      “I don’t know,” I reply. “What do you mean?”
      “If I touch you like this,” he says, stroking my hair and face. “Does it feel nice?”
      I shiver; it does feel nice. Very nice.
      “Shall I do it some more?”

Word Count: 94,555

  • Manufactured by: Secret Narrative

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