Fulfilling Her Purpose


[incest, brother/sister, father/daughter, mother/son, cousin/cousin, uncle/niece, aunt/nephew, twins, orgy, love virus, virgin, teen, barely legal, anal, double penetration, older man/younger girl, deflowering]

      Peter visits home for a family reunion shortly after working on a chemical experiment that went awry. Unbeknownst to him a potent airborne 'love virus' was created and carried back on his clothes. As Peter greets each family member the love virus spreads, soon infecting the neighborhood, and before long the whole world.


      Still a bit damp from the shower, he peeked into her room and leaned against the door frame, smirking. “Hey, Jenny.”
      “Petey!” she said, her eyes widening in surprise upon seeing him. Within seconds she'd abandoned her social networking game to envelop him in a big hug. “I didn't think you were coming home until tomorrow!”
      “I got an earlier flight. I wanted to surprise Mom and Dad.” He found his embrace lasting a bit longer than anticipated. His little sister had changed considerably since he'd seen her last Christmas. Her boyish stick figure had finally begun to produce curves, and she'd let her hair grow out from the last awful haircut she'd let Mom talk her into. It felt good to hold her. A little too good. “You look great.”
      She blushed, pulling back a little, but not out of his arms. “So do you. And you smell good.” She leaned in close to sniff him and then, to his surprise, pressed her face against his chest. “Mom said you had an important experiment you couldn't leave at work.”
      “There was an accident,” he said, suddenly hyper aware of his sister's breath against his skin. He stroked her hair softly. “My fault, really. I dropped a vial of the neurotoxins we're working with, and it shattered all over the place. They wanted to hold me overnight for observation, but as you can see I didn't stay. I probably should've but, well... it's the holidays. I wanted to go home, they wanted to go home...so I talked them out of it.” He chuckled. “Don't be gullible like those college kids.”
      “Mmm.” She shivered suddenly and put her hand on his chest. “What were you experimenting with?”
      To Peter's surprise, his cock began throbbing again, more powerfully than it had been in the shower. His sisters' loofas had turned him off, but strangely...his sister wasn't. The feel of Jenny's hand as her fingers smoothed out a wrinkle on his shirt only helped concentrate the feeling. “Uhhh. Rats, you know. We're testing for excessive hormones in this new shampoo.” He bent his head, sniffing her hair. “Speaking of which, god, what are you using? You smell so good.”
      “Nothing special,” she whispered, tilting her neck. “Your hands feel good on me, Peter.” She slid one of her little hands over his hand on her back and began pulling it down, until he was gripping the curve of her ass. “Really good.”
      “Jesus,” he breathed, but he was drunk off her scent, burying his nose against his sister's neck. “You're driving me crazy, what the hell.”
      “Oh, Petey. I'm so hot all of the sudden.” She pressed her thin, lithe body against his. “I want...” She swallowed hard, and he couldn't help but notice how his little sister's nipples had hardened into sharp peaks against her t-shirt. She shivered. “I want your hands all over me.” She grabbed his other hand and, in the blind confusion of a young teenager, dragged it down between her legs and pressed her jean-covered cunt against his fingers. “Oh, God. Petey!”
      Hot, feverish fire shot through Peter and he began furiously unbuttoning his little sister's jeans, pushing them and her panties down fast and rough. Rational though escaped him; it was as though something had suddenly controlled his thoughts and taken over. He needed his hot flesh against hers. He needed to be with her; inside her.
      Within seconds he'd shoved his little sister, naked from the waist down now, onto her bed and hurriedly unfastened his own jeans, pulling out his half-hard cock. “Jesus. Shit, Jen. Fuck.”
      “Yeah,” she panted, spreading her legs. “Ohhh, yeah. Here. Yeah. I... I...” She shivered again. “What's going on, Petey. Why...”
      “Shhh,” he said, pushing her down on the bed as he knelt over her. His cock was dripping precum all over her thighs. With all his post-doc research and experimenting, Peter hadn't had much time for romance at all, and even less for sex. The sight of his little sister's virgin cunt spread for him now was the ultimate green flag to go go go! He was gonna fuck her. He was gonna force his cock in his little baby sister's cunt no matter what.
      “D-don't stop,” she stuttered, taking even that last fear from him. Her hand rose, gripping her arms. “I... I need...need, ohhh. So bad.”
      She was too innocent to even know what she needed, but Peter was content to give it to her. Crazed with lust and desire now, Peter didn't think about it, he just pressed the head of his drooling cock into his baby sister's cunt, slicking himself down with her pussy juice, smearing precum all over her unbroken hymen. “Baby sister,” he whispered, sweat trickling down his body. “Gonna fuck you,” he grunted. “Gonna rip open your little virgin cunt and flood you with cum.”
      “Petey,” she moaned, reaching down to rub her clit with inexperienced fingers. “Petey, please. Need it...” she begged. Her little tight hole clenched visibly, so hungry, beyond the thin membrane of her unbroken hymen.

Word Count: 11.956

  • Manufactured by: Daniel Kay

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