Anywhere #2 - The Prince's Palace


** The long-awaited sequel to "Anywhere" - blocked repeatedly on Amazon! **

[teen, older man, cousin, seduction, hardcore sex, anal sex, groupsex, swapping partners, slave girl, Egyptian prince]

Colin hadn't known what hit him when his gorgeous little cousin, Jemmy, had seduced him several months ago. And when she'd begged to join him in Egypt, he simply hadn't been able to leave her behind. But he'd never expected his newest client, the virile and handsome Egyptian prince Omar, to find her so captivating, or to be offered one of his slave girls in exchange for a single night with pretty Jemmy!


      "My apologies, Monsieur," Jemmy offered with a rueful smile as the timid young servant carefully disrobed her and melted back into the scenery without a sound. "Had I known that the evening would be so informal, I would have dressed myself in a more fitting manner."
      Omar's eyes were bugging, and she reflexively winced...then hesitated as she recognized the raw flare of desire transforming his rugged features. Jemmy blinked in surprise. She hadn't realized before just how handsome their host was, or how virile, as his wide chest rose and fell in rapid cadence! He couldn't be more than twenty-five, and his muscular body was wonderfully well-defined!
      "You are dressed most appropriately, Mademoiselle," Omar was rapidly assuring her in a deep, husky voice. "Let no man tell you otherwise! Your esteemed cousin tells me that you are his intended!" he exclaimed. "Allow me to wish you the very best of happiness! Surely Allah will grace such beauty with many strong, healthy sons!"
      "He doesn't speak any English," Colin murmured in a low, deliberately placid voice as Jemmy turned toward him with a thousand questions in her eyes. "And I don't know quite enough Egyptian to explain that you're my lover. He wanted to know if I'd loan you to a sex partner, apparently. And when I refused, he offered to buy you! I had to give him some excuse that would satisfy and discourage him!
      "Unless," he suddenly added, his eyes dancing with wry amusement, "you want to take him up on his generous offer! I'm sure he would give you many gold bracelets--a veritable king’s ransom for a dowry!
      Jemmy had to fight hard to suppress her instant surge of excitement. How well Colin knew her, and her insatiable hunger for sex!

Word Count: 7,047

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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