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[erotica, teen, older man, cousin, anal sex, hardcore sex, outdoor sex]

Colin was in for a huge surprise when he returned home from Egypt...his mischievous tomboy cousin had grown up into the most sexy, gorgeous temptress he'd ever seen! But was he seducing her...or was she seducing him?


      "Colin!" Jemmy's eager voice echoed in his ears as she wrapped her arms around his neck in a fierce hug. "You're really home! Oh, I've missed you so much!"
      "I've missed you, too," was what he meant to say...until she stepped back again and he got his first good look at her.
      Gone were the ugly braces, the freckles, the wispy straw-colored braids. Suddenly everything he'd wanted to tell her faded away into blank confusion. "My God!" he whispered, shocked. "You've grown up!"
      Marie giggled. "I'm growing up, too! See?" And she stuck her flat little chest out, valiantly trying to imitate her older sister.
      Colin barely even heard Marie's eager chattering. In all his wildest dreams, he'd never imagined that his free-spirited tomboy cousin would develop into such a dazzling beauty! Her flat, narrow stomach only seemed to emphasize the tempting curves of her swelling breasts and thighs and...
      Was she tanned all over? he wondered as he tried to force his stunned gaze back up to her face. His fingers itched with the yearning to tug her silky bikini away and explore her exquisite body!
      Suddenly he found his arms full of warm, wriggling girl again. The enticing scent of her suntan oil tickled his nose. She was pressing against him, her soft thighs grazing the length of his. Of their own volition, his hands glided over her slippery back, half-caressing her small ribs...

Word Count: 5,715

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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