Domination #3 - Scandalous Heiress


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, bare bottom spanking, domination and submission, tied spread-eagle, victorian romance]

Josephine is stubborn, decisive, and adamant to not get married before she finds the man she loves.

Enter Nicholas and Edward Black, cousins with only one thing in common: They both want her. Will she end up with the playful and dashing Nicholas, or the ever-serious and handsome William?

Who said she had to choose just one?


      "Can I help you with something?" the stranger asked. He had dark hair that fell over his eyes, which were a beautiful shade of green with flecks of gold in them. His eyes seemed to glitter in the semi-darkness between the shelves and I couldn't help but be lost in them.
      "I'm looking for a book," I said, my cheeks reddening. "But I think I should do fine on my own."
      He turned to the selection of books on the shelves and the corner of his lips lifted ever so slightly. "That's some interesting... erotic books you have..."
      I blushed even brighter and tried to walk away. Before I could get myself to move, he had pushed me against the bookshelf and had his hand between my legs.
      I opened my mouth to protest, but his lips were on mine instantly, swallowing any noise that I was going to make. I kept my teeth clenched tight, but that didn't deter him as he sucked my lower lip into his mouth and caressed the soft flesh with his tongue.
      Shivers ignited all over my skin despite the warmth in the store and his fingers found its way to my wet heat, rubbing the cloth of my dress against me.
      "What are you curious about, dove? Perhaps I could show you instead?" he asked, his breath warm against my ear. I tried to push him off, but he was too strong.
      I couldn't help but gasp into his mouth when he slid his hand under my dress and found the bare head beneath. His lips curved into a smile when he realized that I was not wearing any undergarments that day.
      "You only need to say 'no' and I am gone," he purred into my ear, sending a pleasurable tingle through my entire body. All my nerve endings were on fire and when he slid a finger inside me, I gasped and clamped down on his shoulder, fingers digging into his chest instead of pushing him away.
      His lips covered the hollow of my neck and sucked as he fingered me slowly with his digit.
      It was utter insanity that I was allowing a complete stranger to take advantage of my body in the bookstore, but he had a magnetism to his words and his presence that made it hard to think, let alone protest.
      He bent down and grabbed my ankle. Then, he lifted my leg up and rested my foot on the shelf, giving him better access to my throbbing heat.
      "Someone might see," I breathed, overwhelmingly aware of how exposed I was, my dress pulled up to show my naked thighs and slick heat. I should slap the man and walk away, never look back. But his gaze was so full of animalistic lust that I couldn't help but stay and find out what he had in mind.
      Shame colored my cheeks and rippled over my skin as he squatted down between my legs and started licking me, tasting the sweet liquid that leaked from my hole with his expert tongue.
      "Oh! That feels wonderful," I gasped, grasping onto the bookshelves for support as he continued to lick my folds, hands massaging my inner thighs as the flat of his tongue went up and down my hole, sucking in my clit occasionally to make me moan in pleasure.
      "Exquisite," he purred, his words sending vibrations up my spine. Then, his tongue went in and out of me, sending me into little jolts of ecstasy until I was certain I couldn't handle it anymore.

Word Count: 10,354

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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