Life Lessons 103 - Fog Hazards


[tricked/blackmailed, unprotected sex, outdoors sex, interracial erotica, kissing cousins, creampie, bareback, older man / younger woman, oral]

On a foggy day in the mountains, Molly chances indulging in some public pleasure on the middle of the road. She can barely see her hand in front of her face so no one should be able to see her. Except her cousins-by-marriage do. They’ll keep quiet but she has to give them something in return for their silence. But if she didn’t see them, how did they see her?

Adults only! 18+!

This short includes depictions of a country-girl being blackmailed into bareback anal sex, oral pleasure in public, and a creampie ending.


      Not many walked the path that led out of town. The sun had risen an hour ago but a thick fog had settled. That didn’t deter Molly. She didn’t need to see the path but she could understand why others would refrain. Too much chance of getting shot accidentally by hunters. That was why she wore the bright red cloak Grandma had given her. No chance of one of the hunters mistaking her brown skin for that of a doe’s.
      Molly forged ahead, letting the fog surround and cloak her. The damp cool air tickled her nose and wet her cheeks. This must be what it felt like to walk among the clouds. Why should anyone fear something so serene?
      A low warning growl split the silence.
      Molly stopped and stood still, trying to listen for the sound and determine its origin. It didn’t sound like a wolf but it had come from the trees. She didn’t think she needed to run. Plus, running blindly in the fog might put her in worse danger than staying put.
      Another growl. Closer this time. The soft whisper of footsteps indicated the creature moved toward her. He was a hulking shadow that turned into a very familiar hunter in camo but no reflectors on him to help people see him.
      “Dylan.” Molly rolled her eyes and kept walking.
      “Hold up.” He chased after her. “Come on, Molly.”
      “That wasn’t funny.”
      “Yes, it was.”
      “Hmphf.” She walked faster, hoping to lose him in the fog. She still hadn’t forgiven him for that wolfman trick he’d pulled the other day. Well, actually she had, but she didn’t want him to know that.
      Dylan pulled her to a stop. “Will you stop being mad if I say I’m sorry?”
      “I might.” She crossed her arms under her large breasts and waited for the words.
      “I’m sorry.” Dylan’s smooth voice sounded sincere and his green eyes were serious.
      “That was mean.”
      “It was.” He grinned. “But you enjoyed it.”
      Heat rushed up Molly’s neck to her cheeks and she started walking again. “Bye.”
      “Wait.” Dylan caught up to her and walked next to her, making her self-conscious about having such a gorgeous man walking beside her.
      He was taller than her and older, if that bit of gray in his black hair was any indication. The fog complemented his tan skin and seemed to make it shine, like a halo around a fallen angel. That was what he was. A fallen angel come to tempt her into Hell. She wasn’t following him.
      “I’m going to Grandma’s. You can go hunting wolfmen if you want.”
      “Always going to Grandma’s. You know, you are a lot like Red Riding Hood, especially wearing this.” He grasped her cloak, lifting it up.
      “Hey!” Molly snatched it out of his hold.
      “That’s a pretty skirt.” He wiggled his black eyebrows. “Want to hold it up and greet me?”
      She started to say no, but her pounding heartbeat changed her mind. Setting aside her basket, she lifted the hem of her cloak and her skirt to her thighs.
      Dylan stared with a lopsided grin. “Well, now. Are you asking me to sniff you, Red?”
      “No, the wolf eats Red Riding Hood.” She waved her skirt. “Get to it.”
      He laughed. “Right here?”
      “The fog is so thick that there’s no one out here. Even if there were, they can’t see us.”
      “Not me anyway.” He moved closer to her. “You’re pretty surprising. Here I thought I would have to use another trick.”
      “Not necessary when you’re as good with your mouth as you are.” She waved her skirt again. “Come on, Mr. Wolf. Eat me.”
      Dylan slid into a crouch. “Do it right, Red.”
      She wondered what he meant until she realized he referred to the story. She smiled. “Gee, Grandma, what big eyes you have.”
      “The better to see you with, my dear.” He moved closer to her, placing his face close to her panty-clad pussy.
      “And what big hands you have.”
      “The better to hold you with.” He grabbed her ass and pulled her close, inhaling hard with a hungry rumble.
      Molly’s pussy slicked and she widened her stance. “Grandma, what a big mouth you have.”
      Dylan dragged his tongue over her slit. “The better to eat this pussy until you scream with.”
      “Oh yes, Grandma. Do that.”

Word Count: 3,400

  • Manufactured by: Derenzi Balach

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