Confessions of My Nephew


[erotica, adult, taboo, incest erotica, incest romance, incest roleplay, aunt nephew incest, incest confession]

Concerned about her nephew's recent sullen behavior, Stacy prompts him to confide in her. After he reveals his forbidden dreams and desires for his mother, Stacy offers to soothe her nephew's obsession by offering herself as a substitute. The results lead them both on an incestuous journey to a kind of love neither knew existed.


      It only took a moment to start filling the tub. Then I began slowly undressing him. By the time I reached his waist, his cock was noticeably raging hard through his shorts. I eased them down over his tensed thighs, then began to stroke it with one hand while I caressed his bare chest with my other hand.
      Just as slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, then unfastened my bra. His eyes remained locked on mine as I wriggled out of my jeans, and kicked them aside. I left my panties on, not sure if either of us was ready for me to be totally naked. Perhaps part of the fantasy required that I still be partially dressed; that felt oddly right to me. But this way I could still easily stroke my tingling pussy.
      Almost instinctively, he began to caress my bare breasts. His gaze flickered down to stare at them; then he looked back up at me. But he still seemed a bit lost, not quite certain what he should do next.
      Smiling, I stretched up to kiss him. I kept it light and easy--a bit more passionate than when he’d left me last time--but not forceful. The erotic touch of his tongue flickering lightly over mine was incredibly arousing!
      My hand dropped back down between us, and I began stroking his hardened cock again. His breathing quickened even as I felt answering tremors in my wet pussy.
      Finally I broke the kiss and looked straight into his eyes again. "What do you need, Derrick?" I asked him in a hushed whisper.
      His own reply was shaky with a confused blend of longing and uncertainty. "I need my mommy to give me a bath."

Word Count: 20,700

  • Manufactured by: Forrest Young

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