Seeding The Brat


[brat, masturbation, MF erotica, explicit erotica, mutual masturbation, taboo erotica, humorous erotica, virgin]

Hannah wanted Biff’s seed deposited deep in her moist folds. But when the football hero fumbled in the backseat of his ’68 GTO, she had to jerk it out of him. Before the 18-year-old beauty could find a new boy toy, disaster struck: The brat’s rich parents drowned on their swingers cruise—and Hannah was rich. Hormones raging, she set her sights higher: Angus, the unsuspecting college grad she secretly watched pleasure himself each day. The brat hatched a plan to right a wrong—the guy should share her new wealth—and satisfy her urge to procreate. But before the plan is unhatched, Hannah must be seeded.


      “Can I see your dick?”
      It was the next day. They were on the couch in their secret room. Hannah could see that Angus was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to get things going.
      “Just like that?”
      “Yeah, pull down your zipper.”
      As Angus sat up and pulled it down, Hannah moved next to him. His thick, meaty dick was barely out of his pants, when she said, “Show me how your foreskin works.”
      Angus took his fist, grabbed his erect cock and pulled up, pushing his foreskin over the glans.
      As he slowly stroked himself, Hannah unbuttoned his jeans and helped him push them down below his knees.
      “Show me your balls.”
      Angus cupped his testicles, pulling them up to the base of his dick.
      “Stand up. I just can’t figure out how guys walk with all that stuff between their legs.”
      “It’s more like in front,” he said, standing.
      “Let me see.”
      Angus took a few steps, his jeans fell to his ankles and he nearly stumbled. They both laughed, and he kicked off his jeans.
      “What’s it feel like? I mean, a hard on?”
      “Like a hunk of heavy wood, oak maybe,” he said, hefting his dick. “Just before I come, it’s like a piece of iron pipe, heavy and full.”
      “And your balls?”
      “Not as sensitive. But I get this dull ache, hard to describe, if I hold off ejaculating. Doesn’t sound good, but it feels, I don’t know, awesome. The ache goes away when I spurt.”
      “But you’re not close to coming now, are you?”
      “No, but it won’t take much. I’ve never done anything like this with a girl.”
      “With a guy?”
      “Yeah, when I was younger. Just fooling around.”
      Angus sat down, still stroking himself. “Your turn.”
      She pushed her jeans down and pulled her legs up on the couch, facing him. “I usually wear a thong.”
      “You’re forgiven.”
      “I guess you’re experienced and know about girls.”
      “Some. I’ve shown you mine. Now show me yours.”
      Hannah gently pulled her outer labia apart. “Outer labia, here’s the inner. Uh, the hole’s down here…” Hannah realized she didn’t know her own anatomy very well.
      “Just touch yourself. I’ll watch.”
      They sat on the couch facing each other, their legs intertwined, and masturbated. First base, Hannah thought to herself. God, this is so much better than being scrunched in the closet.
      Her hands slipped down to her slit, and she separated her outer lips with her fingers. She put a fingertip to her distended clit and swirled gently. After a few circles on her hard little nub, she cried out. Spreading her legs, she pushed a finger into her vagina, past the clenching muscles. Her clit started to burn under the pressure of her finger.
      Hannah glanced up. Angus was slowly pumping his dick, his eyes focused between Hannah’s legs, as his other hand massaged his balls.
      She threw her head back and began thrusting her fingers faster inside her. Her juices dripped down along her knuckles, and she started to plunge deeper and faster inside herself. Adding another finger, her hips rose off the couch as she writhed. Her arousal, amped by Angus’ attention, made her pussy ache. She breathed in her hormonal reek of pussy musk as her hips jerked up and down. With a gasp, Hannah stiffened and came, a powerful climax that sent waves of electricity up her body.
      As the spasms receded, she opened her eyes. Angus, his chest heaving and his face red, had ejaculated. Ribbons of white sperm streaked his bare chest and pooled at the base of his now half-hard dick.

Word Count: 8,858

  • Manufactured by: K.C. Cave

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