Binding Light


[incest, brother/sister, virgin, teen, barely legal, fantasy]

After years of searching, Clef finally finds the grove where the priestesses of the Binding Light gather to worship. His long-lost sister Leona is there and ushers in their reunion. Man is a strange beast to Leona, but something about Clef attracts her. They travel to the Sullied Keep where brother and sister warm to each other physically and mentally. Their mutual attraction grows, culminating in a physical union that convinces Leona that he is her brother and they belong together, forever.


      "I wish you would relax. I can sense... something. Something telling me that you might be my brother, but I cannot tell with you stiff like this." She put her hand on his chest, stroking the soft hairs there. "Shhh. You're like a frightened animal... a big, immensely huge, frightened animal."
      Clef's eyes were wide, and he suddenly reached up and cupped Leona's breast in his huge, warm palm. "Is that warm?" he asked.
      The action made Leona's breath catch in her throat. "Yes."
      Fear suddenly left him. "This is even warmer." Sitting up slightly, Clef adjusted Leona against him and pulled her stiff nipple into his hot, wet mouth.
      Electricity shot through Leona, like she'd been struck by lightning. Her fingers dug into her brother's shoulders as he swirled his warm tongue around her hardened nipple. "Stars above!" she gasped, and her hips suddenly rocked forward of their own accord. She stared down at Clef's face and the place where her breast disappeared into his mouth. She was suddenly very warm all over despite still feeling her icy toes. Something inside of her was awakening, changing, opening.
      "T-the other," she gasped, surprising herself at how breathless she'd become. "Warm the other one." She pulled her breast free and then pushed the other cold nipple into her brother's mouth. "Yes. Oh, warm it, too." She writhed against him, beside herself with the intense feeling. Clef began to suckle her and her hips bucked again, violently, involuntarily. "Oh!! Oh, your mouth... w-what is it doing to me..."
      Clef's huge, warm hands rose to touch and squeeze his sister's hips and thighs. He stroked and massaged her skin lovingly, warming her. When he lifted his face from suckling her tender nipples, his eyes met hers and held. "There's more," he whispered.
      "More. Better. Warmer. The reason men exist and not just women."
      Leona was burning; breathless. "Show me."
      Clef sat up and gently lifted Leona; she was as petite as he was immense and although full grown he could manipulate her like a child. Reversing their positions, he laid her flat on her back and lifted her legs, folding them up and spreading them.
      The space between Leona's legs had become wet and now, as her brother moved her legs, something inside her opened. She shivered as cold air swept in. Her immediate response was to close her legs, but she looked up at Clef's face and saw him staring down with such a look of longing love that she immediately stilled. This was her brother. She knew it now. Somehow he was opening her up even more than the Binding Light did. She gave him everything.
      "Leona," he whispered. "My... my sister."
      "What is it?" She tried to look down; to see what he had done to her. "You've done something. I feel... I feel..." She closed her eyes and shivered. "I feel... empty."
      "You are," he said, his voice thick with arousal. "You're a virgin." He reached down and let his fingers explore the area between her legs. He found the source of the wetness and gently opened her even more.
      Leona threw her head back and raised her hips to him. Whatever he was touching was not enough; her body craved something more, something... deeper. "V-virgin? Is that good?"
      "Yes." He bit his lip for a moment. "No. I don't know. It means you're empty and have always been empty. You don't know what it's like to not be empty."
      Sudden, wild desperation surged through Leona's body. "Fill me," she begged. "Clef, my brother, please... I don't want to be empty any more."
      "Yes." With his free hand, Clef took hold of the tail between his legs. He stroked it several times until a red, tapered head emerged from the skin, glistening wet with drops of clear liquid.
      "Ohhhh." Leona's eyes widened, realizing. She spasmed with a pre-orgasm. "Ohhh, that... t-that's what you'll use? You'll f-fill me with your own body?" She shook again. "Oh! S-such intimacy. Such closeness... just the thought... ohhhh. Yes, yes, we are brother and sister, truly! Enter me, Clef. Fill me. Make me your sister!"

Word Count: 7,670

  • Manufactured by: Daniel Kay

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