Broken #3 - Crossroads


[Brother sister incest, incest, taboo erotica, Brother sister sex, Brother sister romance, lesbian sex, rough sex, incest fantasy]

      Megan is in love with her brother. She has known it since that rainy Saturday morning they stared into each other’s eyes and shared a loving kiss. When she had first seduced her brother, it had been just for sex and comfort. For her to be able to enjoy a man without having to be worried about being hurt the way she was as a child.
      But now Mark has become so much more to her. Megan has doubt he is the only man for her, but how can it be? Beyond the problem of their being siblings, there are other issues. Already unable to get through the day without a drink, Megan is now experimenting with drugs.
      Mark on the other hand has just been accepted into law school, and his future couldn’t be brighter. Sinking further into addiction, to the point she is no longer able to paint, Megan knows her future is far from bright and she would bring Mark down with her.
      Megan is torn between what is best for her and best for Mark, but will have to make up her mind as is its obvious he has feelings for her as well. Ever since they were reunited, Mark will do whatever she says, both in and out of the bedroom and Megan knows it will be her who decides their fate.
      Mark takes Megan out for a date, not as brother and sister, but as Mark and Megan. The evening is amazing, and after Mark shows Megan the surprise he has for her, it stands to get a whole lot better. But if she continues to enjoy the evening she will be telling Mark they will be more than just siblings with benefits and he will fall in love with her. Megan has a choice to make, what will it be?


      Mark moved his hands to the side and rested against my back. I could feel his heart pounding, and he was breathing heavy into my ear.
      “Easy baby,” I whispered. “Nice and easy.”
      I turned my head and kissed his cheek. Mark remained there for a few minutes, and then rolling over on his back next to me groaned; “Oh goddamn that was something.”
      “Yeah?” I asked rolling over onto my side and propping myself up on my elbow. “Did your sister give you a nice housewarming gift?”
      “That she did.” Mark sighed “It’s not really what I had in mind, but…”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Well, I…I don’t know sis, I was just trying to be a little nicer and…”
      “Listen Mark,” I placed my hand on his cheek. “I had an incredible night, I really did. The flowers, dinner, dancing,” I gestured around the room. “This great surprise, it was all really sweet but…” I smiled and shrugged. “When it comes to sex, what can I tell you? I’m a nasty girl.”
      Mark nodded. “I know, but still I thought tonight was different, Megan the last…”
      Here we go I thought to myself and quickly cut him off.
      “Look Mark, I know the last couple of months have been different and we spent a lot of time together and…” I paused then taking a deep breath continued; “I know there were a few times it seemed like maybe there was more going on but.” I stopped and smiled at him; “I love you little brother.”
      “I love you to Meg.” He told me as he took my hand.
      “But it’s as my brother Mark. I mean we’re everything to each other, you know it’s like I said before, we love like family, but fuck like lovers, right?”
      Mark looked into my eyes for a minute and I could see he was confused, but he nodded and said;
      “Right. I was just,” He shrugged. “Trying to be good to you sis. You say you always wanted someone to be that way with you and…”
      I leaned over and kissed him.
      “And I appreciate it little brother, I really do but,” I swallowed hard, hoping I could get the next part out without breaking. “That’s the one thing you can’t give me, Mark that’s not what we are to each other, I’ll have to find that when I’m ready, just like you had it with Krissy, I’ll have it someday too, no?”
      Mark smiled. “Yeah,” He agreed. “You will sis; you’ll find someone to treat you the way you deserve.”
      “We both will.” I told him. Then hugging him, I pulled away and giving him a big smile that I hoped looked sincere said; “Now I don’t know about you, but I’m tired, so why don’t we cuddle up for the first time in your nice new bed and get some sleep?”
      The smile Mark returned told me he would be okay, that he understood. Hell maybe there wasn’t anything on his end, maybe he was just trying to give me what I needed. The only thing I would know for sure is I would never know. I untied and removed my shoes and we slid under the covers. As always I lied on my side and Mark curled up behind me, his arm around my waist and his face nuzzled into my neck.
      “Sweet dreams my sister.” Mark whispered in my ear...

Word Count: 71,890

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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