Porn Shoot With My Sister


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      After their father passed away and their mother lost her job, the house Alicia and her brother Andrew grew up in is about to be foreclosed upon. They would be okay, but the house means the world to their already heartbroken mother.
      The siblings vow they will do anything to save it, but mom owes over ten thousand dollars. Then Alicia finds a strange personal ad claiming they are willing to pay to watch and film a brother and sister having sex.
      Andrew balks, but Alicia talks him into at least meeting the people who placed the ad. Mary and Steve are a mysterious older couple who meet the siblings in a motel wearing masks so they won’t be recognized.
      The offer is twenty thousand dollars in cash and Alicia quickly agrees. Andrew however, is unsure.
      But Alicia reminds him she will do anything to help their mother and that includes filming a porn shoot with her younger brother.
      Andrew still tries to refuse, but he is going to learn that his hot big sister Alicia can be very persuasive.


      I swallowed hard at the sight of her sweet ass moving back and forth and with an effort, lifted my gaze higher. I stared at the large colorful dragon tattoo on the small of her back, her tramp stamp as she called it. Staring at it, I remember her ex boyfriend Jack calling it a bull’s eye. Couldn’t say I blamed him. I had no doubt Jack had also made use of Alicia’s long blonde hair that went more than halfway down her back. I could just imagine pulling on it then whipping my cock out and adding some white to the red and green tattoo.
      Okay, that was enough. It was one thing to think Alicia was hot, another to start thinking like a pig. My eyes wandered dropped, but were now confronted with the shape and length of those amazing legs. I gave in and took them in from her firm thighs down to her bare feet with their purple toe nails. Christ, even her feet looked good.
      “Having fun looking?” she asked.
      “What are you….”
      My words tailed off when she straightened and turning around held up the small mirror she’s had hidden in her hand.
      “Get a nice view or should I bend over some more?”
      “I…what’s up with you tonight?” I asked.
      “Me?” she gave me a sly smile, “Nothing, I’m not the one gawking at my sister.”
      Putting the mirror down on the desk she gave me another odd smile and raising her arms over her head, made a show of stretching. I started to look away when she said, “Go on, get a look at my tits, you know you want to.”
      There was something strange in the way she said it, as if she really were trying to encourage me to do it. Even though I knew I shouldn’t she had already caught me gawking so why worry now? I stared directly at her chest and tried to keep my mouth from opening. The shirt was short as it was and had risen when she stretched. I could just make out the curve of the bottom of her tits and could feel my cock starting to twitch in the shorts I was wearing.
      Alicia’s tits weren’t big, but weren’t that small either. But on her long slender frame they looked just right. I could see her nipples poking through the thin material of the shirt and at this point hoped to hell she didn’t look down at my crotch. I dropped my eyes and took in her flat stomach with the small diamond stud in her naval, then decided to actually look at her face.
      Alicia responded with a big smile and batting her long lashes at me pushed her full lips into the pout that had let her get away with murder with my father and most of the time with me as well.
      “Like what you see, little brother.” She asked, dropping her arms and walking over to me.
      “Are you drunk?” I took a nervous step back from her.
      “No, I just want to know what you think.”
      “I think your drunk or you’re fucking with me.” I told her sitting on the bed and casually putting my hands in my lap to cover my semi hard cock.
      “Funny you should say that.”
      She gave me a laugh that sounded nervous and going back to my desk, grabbed the rolled up newspaper she had brought in with her. She walked slowly over to me and I carefully kept my eyes on the floor as she sat next to me.
      “What’s with the paper?” I asked, still looking down at my bare feet and avoiding looking at hers.
      “Well before I get to that, let me ask you a question.”
      “Andy, do you think I’m hot?”
      “Apparently, seeing you’re walking around next to naked.” I said dryly.
      “You know what I mean; do you think I’m sexy?”
      “You’re my sister.”
      “I’m also a girl only two years older than you.” She sighed, “Look at me, will you?”
      I rolled my eyes and looked over at her, careful to keep my eyes on her face.
      “Just answer the question,” she pointed at herself, “If I wasn’t your sister and you saw me in that under twenty one club you go to all the time would you think I was hot?”
      “Why?” I asked cautiously wondering what she was trying to lead me into.
      “Jesus, Andy!” Alicia snapped, “Stop being such a dumb little brother and just answer the question!”
      I stared at her for a moment, and then shrugged. “I think you can tell by the tips you get and the guys always coming around that you’re hot sis.”
      “I know.” She laughed, “But I need to know what you think.” Before I could speak she raised my hand, “If you answer me, I promise I’ll get to what I want to talk about.”
      “Fine,” I said in a resigned tone, “You’re pretty damn hot, sis.”
      “Why thank you!” she made a show of tossing her blonde hair around. “Now, am I hot enough to fuck?”

Word Count: 20,670

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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