Summer Camp Surprise


[erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, pseudo-incest, twin brothers, mmf, groupsex, outdoor sex, older man]

Stephanie had learned about hot, steamy sex from Ashley and Emory, the sexy twins who would become her half-brothers. But it was Bryce, her childhood enemy, who taught her the true meaning of passion...and love.


      There I was, stretched out naked on the shore, and anyone could have seen me!
      I was more turned on than outraged by the prospect of being 'caught' when I heard a twig snap nearby, and I opened my eyes fractionally to spy Bryce staring at me from the bushes.
      From the stunned look on his face, you’d think he’d never seen a naked girl before! Privately, I was sure that he had. But I had to concede that finding one sprawled out in the middle of nowhere probably was a little startling.
      In my mind’s eye, I’d been sucking on Emery’s long, curving cock while Ashley mounted me from behind. Oh, how I loved to be between them! Nothing felt quite as good as feeling them both cum at the same instant! And those times when they’d both entered me, filling each hole and madly pumping away, had been wildly exciting!
      So my fingers were moving between my thighs in long, slow strokes...and I knew that Bryce had seen me doing it.
      I generally know what I want out of life, and I’ve learned to go after it. And what I wanted most, the instant that I caught sight of Bryce through the trees, was to entice him into the clearing and bang him until we were both drained!
      How to manage it, though? I remembered Bryce as a kid--always getting into some kind of mischief. He’d even snuck into my cabin once, while he was supposed to be delivering some new sails for the yacht club next door, and he’d short-sheeted my cot. I guess I wouldn’t have minded so much if he hadn’t taken the mattress, too. But it had been embarrassing, crashing headlong onto the floor. And he’d compounded it by hiding nearby and then laughing at me through the cabin’s screen window.
      Oh, yes, I had a score to settle with him, all right...and suddenly I knew just how to do it!
      I languidly arched my back, and felt a stray shaft of sunlight warm my breasts. Bryce was incredulously watching...I could almost feel the heat radiating from his swelling cock as he sucked in his breath, then swallowed hard. I moved my hand a little faster, and curled one leg beneath me so that he had a clear view of the dark triangle between my thighs.
      Through barely-parted eyes, I watched him swallow again, and his tongue darted across his dry lips. His rapt gaze was riveted on my damp fingers, gliding up and down between my widespread legs...

Word Count: 7,309

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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