Zombie Apocalypse


[Brother/Sister Incest, Zombies, Science Fiction, Cloning, Twincest, Post-Apocalyptic, Time Travel, Groupsex]

Mick and Minerva were the most brilliant genetically-enhanced clones on the planet. But not even their combined genius could prevent full-scale nuclear war from erupting. And when their efforts to go back in time and prevent the disaster literally blew up in their faces, they found themselves stranded a thousand years ahead, in a world where only the strong could survive...a world filled with strange humanoid mutants and incredible new technology...a world where their most passionate fantasies were about to become reality!


      Nera. It was the pet name Mick called his twin in moments of extreme passion or panic. Nera, can you hear me?
      Mick? Several long moments passed before he sensed Minerva's shaky mental voice. What happened? Did we make it?
      Every muscle in his body ached as through he'd been pummeled by a sledgehammer. I don't know.
      They were still alive...but when and where? He hadn't dared send them back to their primary lab, just in case all those old canards about meeting yourself and destroying the space-time continuum were true. If his calculations had been correct, they should have emerged in an unused storage closet on the main lab's top floor. But if so, why was it so dark? Hallway light should be gleaming under the door.
      They clambered up, using each other for support, then exchanged a wobbly hug and kiss. The sweet, familiar intimacy helped soothe them both.
      The closet door was jammed, but after a moment it yielded to Mick's broad shoulder. He pushed it open cautiously, and peered into the hallway.
      Total darkness.
      This isn't good. Surely the other scientists weren't all dead! Or had Minerva and he been lying there unconscious while their comrades had fled in panic?
      No, because the air tasted stale.
      Nera... Sudden icy dread rippled down his spine.
      She caught his panic, and gripped him so hard that the bones in his hand grated together.
      We didn't go into the past. They echoed it together, and clutched each other in helpless panic. We went into the future!
      Suddenly a heavy net dropped from the sky and hurled Minerva to the ground. And no matter how she struggled and kicked, its weight held her firmly against the damp grass.
      Then a strange sound made her look up in wide-eyed terror, and she screamed, and screamed, and screamed...

Word Count: 6,448

  • Manufactured by: Franki McAllister

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