Daddy's Horny Virgins #1 - 3


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Daddy’s little girls have grown up into sexy young women, and they want the men they love most to pop their cherries! These three sizzling-hot stories will make you bust a nut as two best friends succumb to their fathers’ charm (and incredible bodies!), then decide to trade partners in a ball-busting orgy on Christmas Eve…while their horny teenage neighbors spy on them through the window!

Includes the popular erotic stories “Daddy’s Eager Virgin,” “Daddy’s Curious Virgin,” and “Daddy’s Christmas Orgy”! Don’t miss out on all their hot sexy incestuous fun!


      From “Daddy’s Eager Virgin”:

      Sam’s room was empty. And he knew exactly where he’d find her.
      Very, very slowly he cracked open his own door, and peered in. His heart took one convulsive leap in his chest, then tried to batter its way right through his lean ribs.
      Sam was lying on his bed, holding one of his raunchiest magazines in one hand and stroking her bare pussy with the other. The rapt look on her face, as her slender hips moved and she sucked in deep panting breaths, nearly broke him.
      “Sam.” In one quick movement, he threw the door open so hard that it banged against the wall. “What the hell are you doing in here?”
      She yelped, and scrambled for her discarded clothes. “Daddy! You’re supposed to be out in the field!”
      “Well, I’m not.” His cock was throbbing so painfully that he could barely even think straight.
      The magazine slid off the edge of the bed, and fluttered to the floor. Blushing, she grabbed it and shoved it under his pillow.
      “You shouldn’t be reading those,” he insisted. “It’s not proper.”
      She’d managed to get her snug shorts up over her hips, but her zipper was still gaping wide open. And her hands were fumbling so badly with her tight blouse that she could barely get it over her head.
      “It’s not proper for you to be getting big and hard over your daughter!” she retorted, stung. “But you do…and I know what you’re doing out behind the barn!”
      He flushed crimson red. “At least I’m not going out of my way to tempt you with things that are strictly forbidden!”
      “Oh, no?” Her angry gaze shot down and locked on his jutting pants. “You stand there with a big thing in your jeans, and you know I can see it…and how can I help wanting to see what one really looks like, or feels like, or tastes like?”
      She’d managed to shock the living daylights out of him. “Jesus, Sam!” He tried to sound stern, but his traitorous cock began to rise and fall with a life of its own. “You shouldn’t be saying things like that! I know how wrong it is, and I’ve been trying like crazy to keep it hidden from you! But when you’re standing there half-naked, all soft and sweet and tempting… What the hell do you expect?”
      “I wouldn’t be standing here half-naked if you were out in the field where you belong!”
      “I live here!”
      “Well, so do I!”
      They glared fiercely at each other for a long, frozen moment…and suddenly all the tension melted away, and they both started to laugh like maniacs.
      Byron sank down onto his big mattress, and wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. “Listen to us, sniping at each other like we’ve been married for fifteen years!”
      Sam dropped down beside him, and looped a companionable arm around his broad shoulders. “I’m sorry, Dad. I don’t know what got into me.”
      “I know what I’d like to get into you!”
      He spoke without thinking…and then tensed when he realized what he’d blurted out.
      Slowly Sam’s arm left his shoulder. “Really?”
      He was breathing so fast that he was getting dizzy. Not trusting himself to speak, he slowly nodded.
      Sam rose to her feet again, and he shut his eyes tight. She’d hate him now…
      Material whispered, then fell to the floor.
      Cautiously he opened his eyes again, and saw Sam standing naked in front of him.
      The savage pain, as his thudding cock worked free of his faded briefs and slammed against his metal zipper, made him groan in agony.

Word Count: 24,276

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