Sis, Is That You?


[incest, brother sister incest, taboo erotica, taboo fantasy, older sister younger brother, exhibitionism, voyeur, web cam, incest fantasy]

Sam just found a site that seems too good to be true. You go on, search for local girls, and cam with them. Sam figures why not, and signs up. He connects with 'Naughty Kitten' and has one hell of a time. The rules of the site are you only show neck down and Sam wishes he knew what she looked like. Turns out he already knows…when he discovers Naughty Kitten is his big sister Ashley!


      “Well seeing you said I have a nice cock?” Sam hesitated just for a second then figured, this was such a weird situation he couldn’t make it any worse. “Ash, your tits are fucking amazing.”
      “You think?” she smiled again, but this time a shy one and she was blushing. So different from the out of control porn star in heat she acted like this afternoon.
      “I know, I mean I’ve only been with a couple girls, but I watch a lot of porn too and your tits are as nice as any porn stars.” He went on imagining them in his mind as he spoke. “When did you pierce them? Mom and dad would shit.”
      “Mom and dad don’t see my tits,” Ashley giggled. “But my brother has.”
      Sam’s eyes widened at that giggle. It was the same naughty one she’d used when they’d been online earlier.
      “Your brother now has great appreciation for his big sister’s tits and…pretty much everything else.”
      “Like what?” she straightened her legs out and placed her bare feet on his calves.
      The night shirt was long enough that he couldn’t see her underwear, but was getting nice look at her inner thighs.
      “Wow, this is awkward.” He smiled nervously. “Feel like I’m in a X-rated twilight zone movie. Probably should forget about all this and leave it at we got it out in the open and won’t talk about it again.”
      “Come on little brother,” she leaned forward, her lips pushing into a pout, “I told you all about how big your cock was. Tell me what you thought was hot about me.”
      “I did, your tits.”
      “That’s it?”
      “I…okay, fine. Your ass is damned fine, and you have great legs and I love how dirty you were. All that dirty talk had me wishing I could find a girl that would talk and act like that.”
      “You’ll meet them in college next year, trust me.”
      “But like you want to be with a guy who’ll enjoy it and not be a jerk? I want a nice girl on the outside who’d just be dirty for me.”
      “That’s sweet,” she smiled at him and there was no sign she was mocking him. “I want a boy who’ll be good to me and I’ll reward him with my being bad. You want the same.”
      “Exactly,” he told her. “That’s why I thought about meeting you. But I guess that was really only about you being dirty, but I would have been good to you too.”
      “You’d be good to naughtykitten?” she was using the teasing voice from earlier now. “You’d take good care of her?”
      “Sure,” she was making him a little nervous. He felt one of her pranks coming on.
      "Sam," she licked her lips. "Show me your cock."

Word Count: 17,340

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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