Doing Little Sister Under A Blue Moon


[first-time virgin, alpha male, big cock, bareback, anal, group sex, girl-on-girl, creampie]

Aimee wants to be free and wild like her big brother, Ken—especially after their repressive parents kicked him out. Now eighteen, she finds him living with two women and making his living treating women to wild sexual adventures. They suggest Ken take her virginity at a blue moon celebration they've arranged for their clients, making Aimee wonder if she wants this dream to come true.


      Aimee held her breath as she knocked at the door. A woman she didn’t know opened it and scowled at her, making her stomach knot up. The woman had a thin face and incredibly white skin made more stark by the frame of short, jet-black hair and heavy eye makeup. Gold hoops in her ears and golden nose rings seemed just right to go with the tattoo of a dragon’s face Aimee could see on her neck…the rest of the creature disappeared under a black tank top that covered the skinny woman’s small tits and the tail curled over her exposed belly. She wore black shorts and no shoes.
      “What do you want?” the woman demanded.
      She mustered her nerve, shaking her head and letting her long brown hair fly out. “I’m looking for Ken.”
      “And who are you?”
      “Aimee. Ken’s sister.”
      A smile that wasn’t comforting at all crossed the woman’s lips. “Little Aimee. He’s mentioned you.” The look in her eye made Aimee wonder what Ken had said about her. The woman opened the door and chuckled when she hesitated. “He’s in here. Come on in.”
      The living room was empty. The place was a mess. Clearly the woman, or Ken, didn’t care much about keeping house. The furniture smelled of marijuana and beer cans littered a coffee table. The woman gestured toward an open door. “Your brother is in there.”
      Grunts and squeaks came from the bedroom as Aimee wandered hesitantly to the doorway and looked inside. She saw the familiar form of her brother, totally naked and thrusting his hips down between dark brown thighs that hooked around him.

Word Count: 5,200

  • Manufactured by: Lizzy Eliot

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