Pushing Boundaries


[adult, erotica, romance, voyeurism, stranger sex, taboo, seduction]

Mark loves his wife Sara beyond words. So much so that he is willing to do anything for her. Including attempting to fulfill her wildest fantasies. And over the years, Sara has confessed many such fantasies to her adoring husband.

The fantasy Mark attempts to fulfill for her first is that of being with another man, a stranger, who makes love to her without even revealing who he is. Having this fantasy fulfilled is more exciting than Sara even imagined! But when this stranger’s identity is finally revealed to her, will Sara be able to live with the choice her husband made? Or will the taboo nature of Mark’s decision be too much for her to handle?

As open-minded as Sara is, Mark discovers that his wife has some boundaries that should probably never be crossed.


      From within her deep sleep, Sara slowly became aware of a fleeting touch. She wasn’t expecting Mark home for several more hours. Who could this be? Her eyes strained against the dark, but she could only see a shape, the figure of a person at the foot of her bed. She couldn’t see a face, but she felt certain this wasn’t Mark. How can it be Mark? He’s still at work, she thought. A wave of fear passed over her body and through her mind, sending chills racing down her form.
      The silence was broken by the sound of a zipper. To Sara’s frightened ears, it sounded as clear and loud as the thunder outside. The sound of a belt and loose change, the pants hit the floor. As she was trying to identify the sounds, Sara felt the sheet being pulled away. This was the last thin barrier between herself and this person, this man. Her head was swimming. Who is this? she wondered. What does he want with me? These questions and more blared in her head; her mind was swimming in confusion.
      A large, warm hand touched Sara’s left ankle, then the other. She twitched just slightly. It was as if she were frozen in fear. Against the sound of the storm, Sara heard a second zipper. A second zipper?! she thinks. The words could almost be detected passing her lips if it weren’t so dark. Between the soft, strong touch slowly caressing her legs and the thought that there are obviously two people, she became even more conflicted. Her mind wanted to run away while her body fought against the sensations crawling up and down her legs. Her eyes darted from the figure in front of her to the sounds coming from the other side of the room.
     Shadows were all she could see. With one tug, the strong hands pulled Sara from her pillow to the edge of the bed. Nearly paralyzed with fear, she let out a quiet yelp that sounded more like a whimper to the other ears in the room. The figure in front of her bent down and gently laid his lips against her ear.
      “Your husband sent me.”

Word Count: 8,800

  • Manufactured by: Lilly-Rose Young

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