Broken In By The Man Of The House


[erotica, hardcore, pseudo-incest, stepfather, stepdaughter, roleplaying, fantasy, masturbation, teen, virgin, first-time sex, sleazy hotel sex]

Innocent and inexperienced Samantha has a huge crush on Don, the rugged and ripped man of the house, but she doesn't dare do anything about it.

Instead, she turns to the internet, looking for an older man to stand in for Don.

But when she arranges to meet him at a sleazy hotel, she gets a unexpected surprise. It seems that Don has been filled with similar taboo fantasies, and that he's the guy she's been chatting to online.

Soon Samantha is fulfilling her wildest fantasies - hard, fast and without protection! As Don puts through her paces, this curvy teen soon find out that when it comes to her first time, nothing beats being broken in by by the man of the house.


Hi, I'm a teen looking for a hot older stud to be my Daddy. I was thinking that maybe I've been a bad girl and that you'd like to punish me, or that maybe we could play show and tell (I'll show everything if you tell me to). Really its up to you – after all, I'm your daughter and youre my Daddy, so I have to do whatever you want...


daddysgirl69 xxx

Hi Daddysgirl69

I'm a real life Daddy looking for a little girl to make my own. My little girl is sexy as hell, but I know she's forbidden fruit. If I was your Daddy, I'd make sure that you behaved yourself, or you'd learn the hard way how I deal with naughty little girls. I'm in my 40s, but I'm in good shape, and lets just say that Daddy is blessed with a very big tool for punishing naughty little girls with.

Remind me sweetie, what does my little girl look like?

Hugs and kisses

studfather99 xx

Word Count: 4,426

  • Manufactured by: Scarlet Smith

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