Daddy's Poppet #1 - The Bride's Daddy


[Incest, father daughter incest, first time with his daughter, sex with a virgin, daddy’s girl, virgin seduction of daddy, dressing up for daddy]

It's Daddy's duty to give the bride away, but before he walks her down the aisle, he needs her. It’s not the first time Daddy takes his poppet, and it won’t be the last.


      “You look beautiful,” said daddy as I made my way slowly down the stairs towards him. “Too beautiful to give away.”
      I clutched the banister and stopped mid-flight to allow the impact of his words to settle in my head, and in my heart.
      “Don’t stop, Poppet, we’ve come too far to stop now. You have to go through with it. Marry him today. I’ll help you. You know I’ll always be here for you.”
      I walked down the rest of the stairs and came to a halt in front of him. My gown followed like a waterfall and pooled at my feet.
      “Oh, Daddy, how can I leave you?”
      “You can, Poppet and you will.” He took my hand, raised my fingers to his lips, kissed them gently and held them against his cheek.
      He looked so handsome in his morning suit, my heart fluttered, restricted by my corset. My bridesmaid had helped me dress and laced the corset as tight as she dared. As if reading my thoughts, daddy spanned my waist with his hands.
      “So tiny, so delightful.” He leaned into me and breathed his words into my ears. My heartbeat stepped up a pace.
      “What time will the car be here?”
      “We have half an hour,” he whispered.
      “Oh, Daddy, I love you.”
      “I love you too, baby girl. Very much indeed.”
      He pressed his lips to mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth, just as he had the first time he took me.
      “I don’t want to spoil your beautiful dress,” he said when he pulled away. His mouth bore traces of my coral lipstick and I licked it off.
      “I’m wearing stockings and no panties. Just the way you like it.” I turned around and lifting the hem of my dress, bared my bottom to prove it.
      “You’re irresistible.” He groaned.
      “Show me.”

Word Count: 2,686

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