9½ Long, Hard Weeks


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Be forewarned: If you're looking for vanilla straight sex, you won't find it here. I don't distinguish between different flavors of sexuality. My characters aren't homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual; they're just sexual. I write stories about relationships between men and women, men and men, and women and women. My characters often enjoy threesomes or moresomes, and orgies are never out of the question. Sex is sex and love is love, and any port(hole) is fine in a storm. So my incest includes brother-brother, brother-sister, father-son, mother-daughter, father-daughter, mother-son and just about any other combination that occurs to me, often in the same story.

In "Knotty, Knotty," a mute mother helps her Bad Boy Scouts with learning to tie knots for their last merit badge. How can she say no to their advances…especially when her hands are tied?

"Nine-and-a-half Long, Hard Weeks" introduces a young man whose manhood just won't stop growing. What's his mother to do, especially when just touching it makes him come like a rocket?

"Turnabout" begins with a man who wakes up tied down. His girlfriend and her daughter have colluded to de-virginize their daughter…whether he likes it or not. Despite his initial reservations, in the end he can't resist her physical charms.

In "Beautiful Boy," a young man slips into bed with his father to give him the pleasure of a lifetime. Was it just a wet dream, or a taste of the future?

"Daddy's Porn Stars" begins with a video invitation for a father to join in his twin son and daughter's favorite new hobby: sex with each other. It isn't long before they're both on their knees in front of him.

Get ready to get your groove on--and explore your sexuality in ways you may not expect!


      I opened my eyes and saw my woman's beloved hellion, Angelina, looking at me with concerned eyes. She grinned and clapped her hands delightedly. "You're awake finally!"
      Through a dry mouth I mumbled, "What's happened, baby?"
      "Only what I've wanted to happen for two years, Daddy Jack! Oh, finally, finally!"
      She helped me drink a sip of soda through a straw, and I looked around. I was tied spread-eagled to her frilly pink bed with ropes the size of ship's hawsers; I wasn't going to get loose anytime soon. An odd feeling curdled in the pit of my stomach. "What's going on? How did I get like this?"
      She grinned widely. "Mom did it! We put sleeping pills in your coffee this morning, and then when you fell asleep she helped me tie you to my bed! Then she went away for a while. She'll be back later. We have plennnnnty of time." She looked at me in a way I'd never hoped to be looked at by a girl so young, and studied my nakedness. "I like your muscles, Dad. Especially that one." She pointed at my crotch.
      "I'm not your Dad!" I lifted my head and shouted, "Oh my god, Angie! What the fuck!"
      "This is my birthday present from Mom," she said, as she strutted around the bed, examining me from all angles. "It's all we could figure out. You were so mean about it the other day when she asked you to pretend she was me when you had sex, so I knew you'd never go for actually doing me. Voluntarily, anyway." She patted my abdomen, looking hard at me, like she was trying to memorize every line and curve.
      I remembered the argument. Frankly, the whole idea had turned me off. But to go this far… "How? Why?"
      "Mom and I have been playing with each other for months now," she said cheerfully, trailing her little hand toward my maleness. She touched it lightly, and I responded. "Ooooh!" She giggled then, and told me, in a voice like the little girl that she so obviously no longer was, "Mommy was really, really mad when you turned her down the other night. She's been looking forward to the three of us getting together, she said, and seeing your monster cock fucking her baby's pussy." She looked at me lustfully and grinned again, her smile angelic, and adjusted her ponytail. "Anyway, Mom was mad and I really, really wanted you to do me, so we came up with this plan."
      "To ‘persuade’ me?"
      She shrugged. "We figured you'd come around once you felt my cunny around your cock. Mommy says guys always do. And even if you don't…" she trailed a finger down the length of my rapidly-growing cock, "well, I'll get to fuck my sexy Daddy Jack once at least."
      She started to shrug out of her T-shirt…and then turned it into a sexy little dance, whirling around the bed teasingly, lifting up the shirt and then lowering it, giving me tantalizing glimpses of her perky breasts. Finally pulled it off all at once and stuck a sexy pose, thrusting her chest out. She didn't have much to show, just little teacups topped with pale pink nipples, but they were exquisite. "Well, what do you think, Daddy Jack?" she asked.
      She was lean and lightly muscled from her swim practice, her skin tanned and flawless. "You're beautiful… can I see more?" I'd begun to wonder if she had much pussy hair, and that made my cock jerk and grow.
      She shot me what she thought was a sultry smile, but it looked more like the delighted grin of a happy child. When she rubbed her little nips and pouted at me, though, she was all woman.

Word Count: 17,388

  • Manufactured by: Silvergray

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