Naughty Can Be So Nice


[taboo erotica, stepfather, stepdaughter, first time, virgin, barely legal]

Love taboo encounters? Lust after hot sinful hookups? This 12-story collection has a great start to a wet night. This dirty dozen has another dozen in its sister collection, "It Feels Nice to Be Naughty."


      She took a place beside him, sliding the headset on. It was only a matter of minutes before both were deep into the game, wiping out opponents along the way.
      The clock was striking midnight before either realized. Cissy whipped off her headset and spun to high-five Jason after an epic battle, missing her mark and falling into him.
      "Way to go, Grace," Jason laughed before realizing when he spoke his lips brushed her shoulder. A small sigh escaped Cissy, something Jason didn't leave unnoticed.
      "Yea, Jason," she whispered, not wanting to wake the household.
      "Don't move."
      And she didn't. She stayed sprawled over his lap as his lips barely grazed over her shoulder and neck, breathing hot against her ear and cheek. His arm wrapping around her waist and holding her close as he began kissing her, softly and slowly.

Word Count: 32,000

  • Manufactured by: Patience Lee

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