Law Brat


[taboo, stepfather, stepdaddy, stepdaughter, hardcore sex, legal intern]

Gigi has turned 18 and now wants to learn all about the man of the house's law business. When a summer internship opens up at his office, she really wants to secure the job. She'll make sure to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and may even enjoy it.


      “Listen here, I know a lot of people in this industry and can make it impossible for you to get a job when you qualify. I could make your life very difficult,” he said, hoping the threat would even out his dirty little secret.
      “That’s true, but as long as you have your secret, you’ll make it easy for me as possible,” said Gigi. Ray knew that it was true, he could make all the threats he wanted, but Gigi still had the better hand to play. This resignation led Ray into a rage which he took out on Gigi.
      Ray put his hand on her throat and pinned her up against the door.
      “If you ever say anything to her, I’ll make your life hell,” he said.
      Instead of cowering in fear at her stepfather’s hand around her throat, Gigi smiled at him, almost like she was enjoying it.
      “Is this what you did you your last secretary?” she said. “Is this how you used to fuck her?”
      Ray was turned on by the fact that Gigi seemed to be taking pleasure from her punishment, his cock started getting harder and harder in his work pants.
      “Yes it was,” snarled Ray, “And I could fuck you like that if I wanted to,” he warned.
      “Go on then,” dared Gigi, “Fuck me!”

Word Count: 2,350

  • Manufactured by: Patience Lee

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