Daddy's Payback


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Daddy never has time for me now I'm nineteen. He's always working or sleeping or out with Mom. Well, I still have needs! I'm gonna make it so he has to spend time with me. How? By seducing him and having him put a baby in my belly. Then I'll get all the attention I want!


      "Go on. What're you gonna do? What're you gonna do if your sex-starved, slut of a daughter keeps rubbing her pussy on your leg?" Something changed suddenly in his eyes in that moment and he finally finished his sentence.
      "If you keep doing that, I'm going to have to take out this fat cock of mine and show you just why you shouldn't have."
      Hearing those words come from his mouth like that made me extra horny in no time at all. You better fucking believe I kept doing it!
      "Oh, if I keep doing this?" I said, continuing to grind up and down his thigh, pushing myself into him harder so my panties bunches and my raw pussy touched the fabric of his pants.
      "Right, you asked for it," he said, throwing my hands back and standing up next to the couch.
      "Oh, big strong, Daddy," I mocked. "Gonna fuck his little daughter and teach her a lesson?"
      He began unclasping his belt and I began to melt with excitement, but didn't want to show too much of it.
      "Gonna take out your big cock and ram it in my tight pussy?"
      He pushed his jeans and underwear down his leg in one motion and I watched as his cock sprang up, shooting out from underneath his shirt and looking powerful and menacing. Jesus, what had I let myself in for?
      "Not your pussy," he began, stepping out of his jeans and gripping his length in his hand.
      "Oh, gonna fuck my ass? Gonna try and squeeze that up my cute, little asshole?" I said, with that same mocking tone.
      "No," he said moving closer. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth and shut you up for a few damned minutes."

Word Count: 3,964

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