Daddy's Girls


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Daddy and Mommy want a baby they can't have, and somehow I wind up thrust in to the middle of the thing! Me! Their nineteen year old daughter. When did life get so complicated? But who says a threesome with your own parents can't at least be fun? Join me as I take my Daddy's seed with my Mommy's help. It's so wrong!


      Soon Mommy was at Daddy's waist, slowly pulling his jeans down his legs and revealing his boxer shorts that were strained to bursting. His cock looked massive housed beneath there, stretching against the fabric and beginning to be released.
      He looked down himself, then looked over at me as Mommy went for it, curling her long nails over the top of his Calvin’s and slowly sliding it down.
      Daddy looked to his waist now, just in time to see his monolith spring free and slap against his stomach. When it was released I couldn't help but gasp. As I did so my hand instinctively arrived at my crotch where I stopped myself, leaving it hovering over my pussy that sat hot and salivating beneath my running pants.
      Mommy looked over and raised an eyebrow and I blushed slightly. She didn't pay me too much attention, quickly turning back to Daddy's cock and taking it in a firm grip, smoothing her lips over the top of it and pushing as much of him into her mouth as she could.
      His mouth opened in silent awe as he watched, but soon his head fell back in to the pillow and his eyes closed while she mouth-fucked him, slurping herself up and down his smooth, cut length.
      Mommy seemed to give great head and I watched closely, keen to pick up any pointers I could.
      I guess she must have saw how closely I was examining her technique and she called over, startling me.
      "Would you like to give it a go?" she asked in all seriousness, still holding his slick cock.

Word Count: 4,592

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