Daddy the Mechanic


[daddy daughter incest, taboo sex, family sex, bdsm, spanking, creampie, bareback, rough sex, younger woman, older man]

Daddy's little girl, Lacey, heads into the garage to ask if he wants a drink. When she walks in her Daddy is way underneath the car, fixing something on his back and mistakes her for her Mother. Feeling more than a little naughty at the sight of her Daddy blinded beneath the car, Lacey decides to use the misunderstanding to her advantage and sate a long held desire to suck her Daddy's cock.


      My hand was trembling slightly now as it pushed onwards, up to the top of his thigh now and fast approaching his groin.
      I took a deep breath, steeling myself and swallowing down any thoughts I had about pulling out now. Fuck, I was already past the point of no return and I hadn't even done anything yet. You can hardly explain away caressing your Daddy's legs now, can you?
      I stared a moment longer at the bulge beneath his pants and my left hand came up to my breast, squeezing it out to the nipple and sighing heavily in frustration. I had to have it. I just had to have it now.
      In a flash my palm was on his bulge, squeezing and rubbing at the soft flesh below that slowly began to stiffen in my grasp.
      My nipples rose further still and I fingered them between my digits, feeling Daddy's big slab of meat come to life as I did so.
      "Fuck, Darlene, you'd better hope Lacey doesn't walk in." Little did Daddy know, Lacey already was in.
      I began to unfasten his belt, and the only audible sounds now where they shallow clinks of metal and my Daddy's breath. For the most part I tried to stay quiet.
      Soon his buckle was open and I was popping open the remaining buttons, each one bursting open under the stress of his package below. I counted them down in my head to try to take my mind off just what it was I was doing.
      One. No-one has to know. Two. It'll be your dirty little secret. Three. It's hot as hell! Four. Oh ... hello.
      I could see the outline of his manhood now, pulling his boxer shorts taut over it. Daddy seemed to have stopped what he was doing but stayed on his back, laid down and enjoying the moment. I guess there was something about not seeing what was going on that was a turn on. Kind of like a glory thingy…glory hole, is it, you know?
      Jesus Christ, this was it now. If I started moving his pants right now, I'd be seeing Daddy's thick, stiff cock in just over a second. That thought alone was almost too much to bear.

Word Count: 2,777

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