Becoming My Mother's Lover


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Normally Jason greatly enjoyed his families annual summer vacation in Newport. But with his father dying of cancer it's hard to enjoy anything these days.

On the first day Jason's father tells him he has to promise to take care of his beautiful mother, Cynthia. Jason agrees, but then his father shocks him by saying he wants Jason to do more than care of her, he wants him to become her new lover.


      The two of us had been through a lot lately and maybe it wasn’t so bad to be this close. Feeling a wave of affection for her, I kissed the top of her head. Mom made that little noise again and I smiled and closed my eyes. They popped open when Mom started moving her foot.
      She was sliding it up and down, rubbing her soft skin against my leg. I had noticed her toe nails were the same deep red as her fingers and shook off the thought of seeing those feet on my shoulders. Speaking of nails, Mom’s fingers were now moving, lightly rubbing my chest.
      I looked down and in the moonlight, could see those red nails teasing my skin. I felt a wave of nervousness go through me as I noticed her hand was dipping lower each time she slid it back and forth. Within moments she was rubbing the lower part of my stomach. I groaned inwardly as I felt my cock stiffening.
      I closed my eyes, trying to will my impending erection away. Mom started rubbing her leg up and down mine. The feeling of her warm soft skin was driving me crazy and I could feel my now completely hard cock, throbbing beneath the sheet. I could more than feel it, with a start I realized I was pitching a pretty obvious tent. I took a deep breath, hoping to hell Mom was just fidgeting in her sleep and wouldn’t see…
      “You’re tense Jason.” Mom whispered.
      “I…uh,” I fought to say something and could only come up with, “Lot on my mind.”
      “You need to relax honey.” Mom said, then sliding her hand down under the sheet grabbed my cock. “Oh you are tense.” She purred, “Look how stiff this muscle is.”
      “Mom, stop!” I tried to sit up, but she dug her arm into my stomach.
      ‘It’s Cynthia.” She said softly, “Mom wouldn’t be stroking your cock, now would she?” I gasped as she began sliding her hand up and down the length of my engorged dick.
      “C…Cynthia please,” I whined, trying to squirm out of her grasp.
      “Please?” she giggled, “Okay.”
      I jerked my hips when she let my cock go only to slip her hand into my underwear and grab it again. I was unable to contain a groan as her I felt her hand wrap around my swollen flesh.
      “Oh Jason, you bad boy, look at you all hard for your dirty girl.” She giggled again, “I love it!”
      My reply was cut off when she gave my cock a hard squeeze and I could feel the precum squirt from it.
      I grabbed her wrist through the sheet and started to pull, but she tightened her grip on my cock.
      “Please stop it!” I begged as she started stroking my cock up and down. Lifting her head from my chest, Mom rested it on my shoulder so she was whispering in my ear.
      “Just relax baby,” she purred in that phone sex voice she had been using last night. “You’re all tense, so you just lie back and let your dirty girl take care of you.”
      “No,” I moaned as she started stroking faster, “I…we can’t I…ohhh”
      “Oooh,” Mom cooed in my ear, “I like that little moan. Do it again.”
      I did moan again for her as she squeezed tighter and this time when she stroked the length of my cock twisted her wrist when she got to the head. When she did, I could feel my precum oozing out and when she worked back down the length of my cock her hand was now slick with it.
      “This is…wrong!” I managed to groan as she continued that twisting motion while stroking me.
      “Doesn’t feel wrong to me,” she laughed, “Feels pretty damn good, doesn’t it?” She punctuated that statement by speeding up her stroking and causing me to moan again.
      “I thought so,” she whispered, “No worries baby, don’t think about anything but how good this feels and how your dirty girl is going to make you nice and relaxed.”
      Mom moved her leg and shifting all the way onto her side, reached under the covers with her other hand.
      “Oh. Oh God!” I gasped as that hand cupped my balls and started to massage them.
      “Like that baby?” she asked.
      “I….please don’t make me do this.” I whimpered.
      “I’m not making you do anything Jason.” Mom said, “I was just laying here and next thing I know, you’re all hard.” She sighed, “That’s because you want me isn’t it honey?”
      I tried to answer, but all that came out was a pathetic sounding moan as her fingers began kneading my balls while her hand slowed its stroking. I stared up at the ceiling and began breathing heavily trying to tell myself this wasn’t real, I wasn’t laying here getting a hand job from my mother.
      “Don’t answer honey, just enjoy.” Mom whispered in that sultry purr. “Just lay back and let your dirty girl make you feel good,” she sighed in my ear, “Speaking of feeling good, you’ve got one hell of a cock baby, I can’t wait to feel it inside me.”
      “N…no,” I panted even as my hips twitched from her stroking.
      “Not tonight Jason,” Mom began, “We’ll get there, but for tonight, you’re just going to lie here and let me take care of you. You need it baby, and I’m going to give it to you.”
      “I…” I hesitated, then with a resigned moan, slumped back into the bed and let my body relax, I couldn’t fight her, her hands felt incredible and I could already feel my legs starting to tremble.
      “That’s it baby!” Mom purred happily into my ear, “Just let go and have fun,” she flicked her tongue across my ear. “We’re going to have a lot of fun honey, more fun than this.” She sighed, “Trust me there is a much better place for this nice big cock right now.”
      She finished that statement by licking along the inside of my neck and I gasped, “No…you…”
      “Not tonight,” Mom assured me, “For tonight we just do this, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not dying for a taste.”
      My hips jumped as the image of her full lips wrapped around my cock entered my mind.
      “Oh, you like that thought?” Mom asked, “You like the idea of your dirty little Cynthia blowing you?” I moaned and she giggled again, “You want to see this big cock in my mouth? You can honey, any time you want, because I love it baby, I love sucking cock.”
      I moaned and unable to control myself, started thrusting my hips into her hand. Mom cooed in my ear and then began kissing my neck. I started moaning continuously as she was still using long slow strokes with her hand while playing with my balls. I closed my eyes and as she had suggested, stopped thinking of anything, but how good her hands felt and how sweet the soft kisses she was placing on my neck were.
      “There you go honey,” she whispered, “No more fighting it, just love it.” Mom drew her leg back and kicked out, throwing the covers from us. I opened my eyes and gasped at the sight of her small hand and long red nails wrapped around my sizable swollen cock.
      “Oh, honey, that looks sooo good!” Mom moaned in my ear.
      She wasn’t kidding and I could feel the cum building in my balls as she continued to rub them. I watched her hand slide up and down my glistening cock and it looked damn good. When her hand reached the top, she started twisting it back and forth across the sensitive head. I gasped and lifted my hips into her hand. At the same time, Mom gave my balls a gentle squeeze and I released a long moan as I felt the cum racing though my cock.
      “Yes baby!” Mom cried in my ear, “Cum for your girl! You…Oh yes!”
      Mom moaned in my ear as my cock exploded in her hand. I let out a loud cry as a huge spurt of cum shot up and came back down splattering all over Mom’s hand and my stomach. My hips started thrusting wildly as Mom continued to pump my cock in her fist. Another huge spurt came out and she moaned, “Oh look at all that!”
      Her voice in my ear caused the next spurt to shoot pretty far as well. I lay there moaning as Mom kept stroking, milking every drop from my cock. I swore I had never cum so hard and Mom was stroking for more. When my spent cock produced nothing more than a couple of drops, Mom stopped moving her hand and after a gentle squeeze let it go. Sitting up, she smiled down at me, and bringing her hand to her face, made show of licking my cum from the top of it.
      “Oh fuck me.” I whispered as I watched her continue to lick my sticky white fluid from her skin.
      No girl had ever done anything like that for me and I could feel my cock twitching despite the fact I had just cum. More of a turn on was when Mom’s eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned, “Oh damn, that’s good.” She looked at me and shrugged. “Sorry honey, but I told you I wanted a taste. Next time though, I’ll suck it right out of you.” She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Would you like that next honey? A nice blowjob?”
      “I…Oh my god.” I said and let myself fall back onto the bed.
      “I like that reaction.” Mom smiled, then looking down at my cum splattered stomach said, “You made a mess baby, why don’t you clean up?”
      “Ummm…okay.” I whispered, feeling like I couldn’t move.
      “And don’t worry honey, I’m not looking for anything, tonight was for you. You clean up and come back to bed and we just sleep, okay?”
      “O…okay, “I forced myself to sit up and looked down at her.
      Mom had lied back down on her back and pulled the sheet back up to her waist. “Hurry back honey,” she said patting the bed beside her, “It’s a big bed to be all alone in.”
      I stood up gingerly, and could feel the cum dripping down my stomach, Mom looked at it and shaking her head, licked her lips, “Damn, that looks good.”
      “I… we’re just going to sleep now right?” I asked, unsure of whether or not I would be able to do anything to her.
      “That’s what I said,” she nodded, then stretched, pushing her small tits out and causing the shirt to rise and show off her flat tanned stomach. “But don’t feel bad,” she smiled, “It’s my turn tomorrow.”

Word Count: 29,330

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