Mom Will Do Anything...Even Her Son


[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, mother seducing son, taboo erotica, incest romance]

      Since his father passed away, Ryan’s mother, Vicky has done everything she could to support him and his sisters. But the mortgage is past due and the bills are piling up. In desperation, his mother decides to ask Ryan's estranged uncle for money. Ryan's not happy because his uncle, porn director Malcolm Stone, is as twisted as his movies, once offering Ryan's father money to have sex with his Vicky.
      But Vicky will do anything to save their home and keep him in college, and goes to meet his uncle. Concerned Stone will want his mother to do something sleazy for the money, Ryan comes with her. Turns out Ryan was right; Uncle will help them, but for a price. That price is the fulfillment of his uncle's most taboo fantasy. To not only watch a mother have hardcore sex with her son, but to be able to film it. Ryan is appalled and tries to say no, but he doesn't have a choice because his mother will do anything for her family...even her son!


      “I said it would be fine.”
      “I get no say I guess.” I sighed.
      “You made me a promise.” Mom reminded me.
      “I know. I’m….just not too excited about this.”
      “I know, honey.” She touched my cheek then sat back and was quiet for a moment, “You know Ryan, tomorrow…you know what he wants.”
      “He made it pretty clear.”
      “It’s not going to be easy and not just because its sex, but he’s going to want dirty talk and really play up that I’m your mother. He’s looking for his fantasy, Ryan, but he is looking to humiliate me during it. Looking for me to be degrading and slutty. He’s always wanted me and this is as close as he gets so…be prepared for that.”
      “Mom, I…”
      “Remember.” Mom leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, “What we do is with and for love. Okay?”
      “I guess.” She kissed my cheek again, but closer to my lips and much more softly.
      “Words are words and sex is sex, especially for him. But for us? This is an act of love and sacrifice.”
      “Right.” I whispered as her next kiss brushed my lips.
      “I…I want you to relax Ryan. I’m going to kiss you, a real kiss.”
      “What?” I started to sit up, but she put her hand on my chest, holding me down.
      “I don’t want tomorrow to be the first time we touch. I want you to be a little less nervous and same for me. Now kiss me.”
      Mom pressed her lips softly against mine and I sat there frozen.
      “Come on, Ryan.” She said softly, “Give your mother a kiss.”
      Mom kissed me again and I forced myself to kiss her back. I was going for a soft peck, but mom leaned into me, pushing me back into the headboard and I had nowhere to go. Her lips caressed mine and she slid them back and forth, placing soft teasing kisses on my mouth. I could smell her perfume and was aware of her breasts pressing against my chest through the thin material of the robe.
      Not just her breasts, but her nipples, her hard nipples. To my chagrin my cock was swelling and without realizing I was going to do it, I returned her kiss.
      Hesitantly at first, but after feeling how soft her lips were and driven by what was now a full erection beneath the sheet, I kissed her harder. Mom moaned softly in her throat and my cock jumped at the sound. Mom’s lips parted against mine and this time lingered in one spot.
      Figuring, what the hell it was only a kiss, I found myself returning it with more enthusiasm. Mom made a sound in her throat that could only be described as a purr and ran her long nails lightly down my bare chest. Her lips were working more forcefully, at this point just about devouring my mouth and her aggressiveness caused another surge between my legs.
      I parted my lips to try to capture hers and mom’s tongue immediately plunged into my mouth. I gasped and my first reaction was how wrong this was, but within seconds that was replaced by the fact that my mother’s soft wet tongue felt pretty damn good caressing mine. I swirled my tongue against hers and this time it was a soft whimper that escaped her when I teased the roof of her mouth with my tongue.
      Mom’s hand ran through my hair and curling her fingers into it, held me in place as her tongue continued to probe my mouth. As our kiss picked up intensity, I raised my arms and tentatively placed them around her. Mom sighed into our kiss as I rubbed her back through the silky material.
      Mom’s lips withdrew from mine and I was shocked to find I was disappointed.
      “See, baby? Not so bad is it?” Mom whispered in my ear then kissed my neck. It was a soft kiss, but the feeling of her lips on my neck sent a shiver through me.
      “Hmm, you like that?” Mom nibbled playfully at my earlobe.
      Her hot breath in my ear coupled with the sensation of her hard nipples pushing into my chest had my cock throbbing and I was glad for the sheet covering it.
      “It…feels nice.” I told her.
      “Yes, it does.” Mom kissed my neck again and this time sucked gently causing me to moan.
      As she played her tongue along my neck, Mom pulled her other leg up so she was now kneeling on the bed and leaning over me. Her lips still on my neck, mom grabbed the sheet and tossed it off of me. Her hand grabbed my cock through my boxers and I cried out in surprise.
      “Oh, I guess it does feel nice.” Mom purred in my ear and squeezed my cock, “Look at you, look how hard you are for me.”
      “…I’m sorry.” I whispered, “I…”
      “Don’t be. It’s what I want; I want my son to be nice and hard for me, to show me how much he wants me.”
      “But I…”
      “Shhh,” she breathed in my ear. “Just relax and let it happen, Ryan. Just let your body respond to me.”

Word Count: 46,230

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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