The Prodigal Son: A Four-Volume Anthology


[mother/son incest, incest erotica, mom, mother/son, mother/son sex, female masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, romatic incest, older woman/younger man]

Can you go home again? Dalton left a boy and returned a man. Every day, he finds his mother more attractive and desirable. Is she was aware of his lust for her? How long can he resist her temptation? Does he find redemption? Or, do they discover deliverance? When the lines between son and mother, man and woman are crossed, a forbidden love is unleased. The complete and authored four-volume edition.


      “This is so wrong but I don’t feel guilty,” Mom softly said; her motions never paused.
      “That’s because it isn’t wrong,” I informed her. Yet, she looked at me skeptical. Even as I held her ass-cheeks, guiding her up an’ down my cock, Mom seemed unconvinced. It seemed weird I needed to show my mother the rightness of our union, even as we were uniting. Yet, our motions are so practiced, were so gentle it was as if ocean waves washed in an’ out, running up the beach before withdrawing only to return as quickly and silently as the last wave. Our lovemaking was so peaceful we could consider its right or wrongness while it occurred.
      “They thought the earth was flat. They were wrong,” I taught my mom; and the waves rolled on. The ocean doesn’t need to think about its actions, and neither did we. It was a natural act. Harmoniously, she drifted up an’ down my body.
      “They thought the sun revolved around the earth. They were wrong,” I instructed Johanna. I held her firm, her body pressed to mine. I enjoyed the feel of her gliding up an’ down as my cock slipped in an’ out of her pussy. It was as relaxing as it was energizing.
      “They believed the universe, this planet and man were created in 6 days. They were wrong.” I kissed JoJo firmly, believing I sold her my argument. Like an unsure skeptic, she still looked not totally convinced, but never stopped her motions. The waves never ceased.
      “Okay, I’ll give ya we are the exception to the rule,” I stated, while guiding Mom up an’ down my cock.
      “I’m not saying everyone should be how we are. I’m not saying everyone should start fucking their Mom,” and JoJo laughed because that’s just what we were doing. “We’re the exception. I’m saying we’ve both experienced and lived through things no one else has. We understand and love each other like no one else could. No one else can love another like we do. We’re not wrong. They are!”
      “You’re goddamn right,” Mom proclaimed. Proudly lifting up, she majestically sat up straighter. I brought my hands up to her full hips; they filled my hands perfectly. Placing her hands on my chest, she braced her arms and started slamming her ass firmer, harder, more convincingly upon me. She thumped upon me, her ass crashing down onto my groin to echo commandingly throughout our room. The slap of her butt-cheeks onto my hips sounded like applause to our union.
      “When you’re right, you’re right,” I joked and enjoyed seeing her body shake with good-humor.
      When JoJo held her hands out to me, I knew what my mother wanted. I knew what she wanted to do. I took her small feminine hands into mine and our fingers interlocked.
      “And I’m gonna give my son the motherfucking I righteously deserve,” she joyfully declared with an amused laugh. She knew how grammatically incorrect her sentence was and cared little. Holding hers hands within mine, Mom sat up erect. Shifting, she brought her feet underneath herself. Lifting up from her knees onto her toes, JoJo squatted over me. With her hips and ass floating over me, our only connection was my cock spearing open her pussy.
      “Niiiicccce,” I growled. It was a beautifully sight. Mom’s legs framed the perfect sight of my cock standing erect, her pussy riding up an’ down her son’s cock, and the shifting amount of light from its peak, at the top where she was raised eight to ten inches above me, to its darkest when she sat totally on me, my cock fully hidden inside my mom’s pussy.
      “Fuck yeah,” Mom jubilantly cried as she slammed her ass down upon me repeatedly.

Word Count: 54,292

  • Manufactured by: Dinkleberry

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