Advent Cuckold


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Hot young wife Natasha cuckolds her husband with his son. However, she underestimates husband Victor's perverted pleasures. He's hidden daily orders for his wife inside a handmade Advent calendar, packed with plenty of sexy surprises for everyone.

Please note: This title was formerly published under the name: Christmas Cuckold. Please check the sample before purchase.

Warning: This story is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.


      Mrs Adams had flirted with the courier who had delivered a large package, before closing the door reluctantly on his retreat. She opened the card that accompanied the parcel, and read...
      1st December.
      “My beloved wife, I’m so happy that you enjoy our times together, you bring me a great deal of pleasure, this delivery is to be opened immediately. It is a token of my love; esteem and gratitude that someone as beautiful as you chooses to spend her days with an old man such as me. I’m aware of my shortcomings, but I hope that, in the year since we married, you’ve been able to find diversions which bring you pleasure.”

      Natasha gasped. His meaning was clear. She knew he loved the stories she whispered to him when in bed, or occasionally whilst enjoying an intimate dinner, knowing that he pictured her shapely legs wrapped around the waist of her latest victim. Victor got many sexual kicks from his wife’s dirty whispers, she had always assumed that he believed them to be false, she sold them to him as fantasies; the intensity of his ejaculation was often surprising. Still, the message in his letter was straightforward, and Natasha hoped that he had not discovered her dalliance with her stepson; it would be most inconvenient. She had grown quite fond of Nigel. It was not just the sex, they were close in age, and she enjoyed his dynamic company in and out of her pussy, which she did not think twice about sharing with whomever she fancied, but her stepson had become a rather more regular feature between her legs than she had anticipated.
      His expertise with his tongue was heavenly, a shiver coursed through her body whenever she dwelled on the minutiae of his exceptional attention to detail, Nigel could do things with the tip of his tongue, which transported her to a different planet, and she’d become greedy for him. Her thoughts revolved around him, his mouth, his hands and his lovely cock, which although not the largest she’d seen, was one of the best deployed. Always available whenever she needed a taste of his oozing semen, or have him buried in any of the orifices she made available. The sight of his shining, thick, dark floppy hair between her legs thrilled her. Even her tennis coach, whom she had been having sex with more often than attending the lessons Victor paid for, could not bring her to orgasm quite as expertly as her stepson. Yes, Nigel was a treasure, and she intended to keep him safe.
      She returned her attention to the note and the mental vision of Victor’s bald pate with that of his hirsute son, although she’d seldom seen Victor’s head in the same position because their sex life revolved around his masturbation. On the rare occasions that he penetrated her, including their wedding night, the sex was disappointing, over quickly, and had become predictable.
      “I do hope that you like the gift, which I’ve prepared for you for the Christmas season,” said the note.
      Natasha unwrapped the package.

Word Count: 10,420

  • Manufactured by: Secret Narrative

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