Meeting Mom Online


[Incest, Mother son incest, Mother son sex, Taboo erotica, Mother son seduction, incest fantasy]

      Sean is obsessed with his very beautiful, but lonely mom, Rebecca. After months of wet dreams and fantasies, Sean joins a site for online role playing and quickly meets Debra, an older woman who has fantasies about her son. In addition to dirty talk, during which Debra plays Sean's online mommy, the two talk about their incestuous desires.
      Things go so well they decide to webcam without showing their faces. Sean is now even more obsessed, and wants to meet her. Debra agrees, and Sean sits at home anxiously awaiting Debra's message telling him where to meet her.
      When she does not e-mail him right away, Sean starts to worry, but for no reason--because Debra is already there, right down the hallway. Sean has been roleplaying with his own mother, and things are about to get a whole lot hotter than any online roleplay ever could!


      “Hey, mom, do you…have someone coming over tonight? Is that what you wanted to talk about?”
      “Coming over?” she looked puzzled, “Why would you ask that?”
      “Well…the candles and you’re all made up and you’re…that’s not what you usually wear to bed.”
      “Oh!” she shrugged, causing her bra less tits to bounce in her shirt. “You’re right; usually I don’t wear anything to bed.” She paused for a second which worked out well as that remark had caught me off guard. “But yes, it’s a lot better than the t-shirts and baggy shorts I wear around the house at night.”
      “Okay I guess.” I replied, recovered from the visual of mom rolling around naked in the bed we were sitting on.
      “Sometimes a woman just wants to feel sexy and tonight?” Mom stretched her long legs out and playfully wiggled her toes, “This girl wants to feel sexy!”
      She turned to me and gave me a huge smile, “You know what makes me feel sexy?”
      “Candles and strawberries?” I said gesturing around the room.
      “Yes, and nice sexy jammies and…you.”
      “Me?” I asked, surprised, “I make you feel sexy?”
      “You do. You’re always telling me how beautiful I am and how attractive and yesterday at breakfast you were telling me what a hot milf I was. It makes me feel sexy.”
      “But I’m your son.” I reminded her, even though this son had thought long and hard about how sexy his mother was.
      “But you’re also a very good looking young man who thinks this older woman is sexy and I like that.” Her smile faded and her dark eyes stared into mine, “I like knowing my son thinks I’m sexy.”
      “Okay.” I said softly, trying not to sound flustered.
      “I think the fact my son is pretty sexy himself, helps with that.”
      “I…I don’t think I’m…”
      “Yes you are.” She purred, “Hmm just look at you! Working out and playing on the baseball team has filled you out quite a bit the last couple of years.”
      My reply was interrupted my mom uncrossing her arms and running her nails lightly across my bare chest.
      “You said you knew guys your age would want me? Well, honey, there’s not a woman my age out there who would not want you. Look at that nice hard stomach!”
      Something else was getting hard and knowing it was already visible I put my hands in my lap to cover my crotch. I looked down as I did and froze.
      Mom’s nails were dark purple with black tips.
      Mom continued to speak softly as her hand wandered across my stomach. A minute ago her touch would have excited me, but at the moment I barely felt it. I just kept staring at her nails. The same color as Debra’s. Debra had the same hair color as my mother, the same creamy complexion. She had told me she had big brown eyes. Her tits looked as big as my mother’s seemed, even her nice round ass and…
      Thinking of the picture of her ass caused me to look across the room at the tall mirror in the corner of her room, then down to her shorts. They were the same purple shorts Debra had been wearing in that picture. I had been role playing with my own mother!

Word Count: 24,820

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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