Mom Gets Me First!


[incest, mother/son incest, mother/son sex, incest romance, taboo erotica, incest erotica, incest first time, mother seducing son]

Today is Ron's eighteenth birthday, and the day couldn't come soon enough. Promising his father he would honor a strange family tradition that says he cannot have sex until he becomes a man, it’s been frustrating to say the least for Ron’s sweet girlfriend, Christine, who is dying for him to have sex with her! But before he can, Ron has to have a talk with his father, during which he is told he will received a special reward.

That is when Ron is told the second part of the tradition. Not only does he get to lose his virginity, but to a very special woman: his mother!


      Mom let the robe hit the floor and my jaw came close to joining it. As she’d said, mom was completely naked beneath it. As I stared at my mother’s nude body she raised her arms over her head and stuck her hip out, striking a pose for me.
      “Happy birthday, baby.”
      My eyes locked onto her tits which were more amazing than I had imagined them. Her nipples were a light pink and as hard as I felt. Her breasts themselves were large and well shaped and although they were lower than Christine’s small perky tits they were still high and proud. I let my eyes wander down her soft stomach and admired the flare of her hips. Like she had said, she had some curves, but they were all in the right places.
      Sliding past her stomach I took in those lush creamy thighs then released a sharp breath at the sight of the small bright red patch of hair between her legs. Just below that patch I found myself staring at the pale pink flesh of my mother’s pussy.
      “Oh my god.” I whispered.
      “So if any of your friends ever ask you can tell them your mother is a natural redhead.” She laughed, “Would you like to see the other side?”
      She turned around and putting her hands on the bed bent over and playfully shook her ass at me. Mom’s ass was well rounded and her cheeks jiggled fetchingly as she shook them at me. She spread her legs open and my cock jumped in my pants as I could now see her entire pussy peering out at me from between her white thighs.
      “You like her?” Mom reached back between her legs and my eyes widened when she slid her red tipped finger through her pink lips. “She likes you.” She moaned softly, “I’m very wet, would you like to feel?”
      I stood there frozen to the spot. I yelled at myself to leave, but couldn’t tear my eyes from my mother’s pussy and my cock was now aching in my shorts. Mom moved back and forth, swaying her hips and moving her amazing ass slowly back and forth. She moaned again and I watched her finger tip disappear between her lips. Moving her hand, Mom stood up and turning; pushed her lips into a pout.
      “I guess you don’t want to play. I was hoping you would just get on your knees behind me and taste me.” She sighed, “Guess I’m going to be all alone tonight because I’m not pretty enough for my son.”
      Sitting on the bed, she swung her legs up on it and moving to the middle lay back on the pillows.
      “It’s shame because I’ve been so horny and I wanted you so bad!”
      I was at the foot of the bed with her facing me and my heart skipped a beat when she slowly spread her legs exposing that incredible pussy. I took an involuntary step forward as I stared at her pink flesh. Even from here I could see her swollen clit peering from between the top of her lips.
      “Well I guess I’m going to have to just play with myself then.”

Word Count: 20,240

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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