Cougar Party


[incest romance, public sex, milf, dirty talk, cougar sex, taboo erotic romance, mom creampie, son seduces mom]

Stacy's quarterback son is an undeniable alpha male, but when his fraternity throws a kinky "Cougar Party," his usual girlfriends won't do. Looking to inject a little fun in her busy life, Stacy suggests they go as a fake couple. She's been so lonely, and Jason makes her feel so alive. She knows it's naughty, but after a night of fun and drinking, all Stacy wants is for her son to take her upstairs!


      He slid his fingers through my hair and gently tilted my head back. Warm lips caressed mine, and for an instant the sensation was so wonderfully alien I couldn't remember how to kiss. I hadn't been kissed like that in ages. Truthfully, I'd never been kissed like that. My hand hooked around Jason's waist. My other hand dropped my drink. Encouraged, Jason crushed me to his body.
      When he released me, the group was nowhere to be found. But our hour was clearly up. The rest of the hotel surrounded us on the dance floor. "Sorry," said Jason quickly. He rubbed a thumb gently against his lip. "I just-"
      I threw my arms over Jason's neck and kissed him more fiercely. He gave a pleasant if startled grunt and quickly crossed his arms over my bare back. My chest pushed into his rock hard pectorals and my heels left the dance floor. We kissed longer this time, and I didn't object when his tongue came out to play. I tasted like gin, he tasted like beer, and we drank each other in. I simply couldn't stop.
      We pressed our heads together when we had to take a breath. "That was a hungry kiss," my son whispered to me. "I think you want something."
      "I just want to enjoy this," I said. Did I dare to meet his eyes? Would he judge me? The hand he slid over my backside was my answer. "I feel so good," I murmured.
      "Yes you do," he agreed. "What's that?" he asked, eyeing the card. As if he didn't know.
      "Ana said we could use their room," I said. "If we get tired, I think."
      "Are you tired?" His eyes searched mine.
      "I think I would like to lie down," I said. My lips still thrummed from his kiss. "Do you think they'll mind? If we leave for a little bit?"
      He smiled at what remained of our party in the corner. "I think everyone's exactly where they want to be," he said. Becky was sitting in Bradley's lap and he was eating her with his eyes. She giggled madly, her drink spilling over its brim. Chuck and Giselle looked like they were fighting, but maybe it was a form of foreplay. The others, the ones that I could see, were all dancing or chatting.
      Jason's fingers slipped through mine. "Let's go."
      "Just for a little bit," I reminded him.
      "Just a little bit," he agreed.
      Jason guided me into a gold-paneled elevator and let me lean against the wall. Ana's card said Room #905, so he hit the button for the ninth floor. And then the doors slid shut and I was alone with my son for the first time that night.
      He gazed down at me, his smile slightly drunk but his eyes warm and sober. I couldn't tell if I was drunk or not, but I kept sliding my fingers down the knuckles of his left hand. There was a small banister that ringed the elevator, and I leaned against it as Jason slowly backed me into the corner. "So..." I said slowly, "you've got your MILF...and you're taking her up to your room. Do you want to 'hook up' with me?"
      "I want you right here," he said.

Word Count: 18,330

  • Manufactured by: Veronica Sloan

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