Mom Does it Better


[incest, mother son incest, taboo, taboo erotica, milf, mommy, hardcore sex]

Blake's girlfriend, Kelly, is everything he could want in a woman: smart, sweet, loving, and sexy. Her only downside is she's an absolute dud in the bedroom. Kelly's shy, nervous, has a lot of hang-ups, and Blake can never get her to relax and have fun. For some guys, that would be a problem, but Blake has his mother waiting at home, and she's always happy to prove to her son that Mom Does It Better!


      “You awake, baby?” a voice whispered from next to the bed.
      His eyes flew open and he would have sworn out loud had a soft hand not pressed over his mouth. As it was he jerked hard enough that Kelly mumbled something next to him and slid further over on the bed.
      Her breathing remained slow and steady and as he lay there, his heart pounding mom spoke in his ear. “Easy, can’t wake up your sexy little girlfriend, now can we?”
      He turned his head and squinted to see his mother standing next to the bed. The bed shifted as she sat down on the edge of it and her hand left his mouth and slipped under the covers, teasing her nails across his chest.
      “What the hell are you doing in here,” he whispered.
      Fortunately Kelly slept like the dead to the point he could watch TV in bed and she’d never open her eyes, but this was way too risky. If she woke up, how the hell could he explain his mother in here?
      “Just checking the AC, forgot if it worked or not.” Mom spoke softly as if reading his mind. “Wouldn’t want my son and his special girl to be all hot and sweaty.” She giggled, “Unless I got to watch of course.”
      “Mom, why are you…shit.” He groaned when she reached under the covers and fondled him.
      “You know what I want, baby.” She cooed in his ear. “Your first night back, you’re giving your mother some of this.” She squeezed him for emphasis.
      “Can’t.” he was speaking so softly he could barely hear himself. “She wanted it so…”
      “Oh, please.” She breathed into his neck. “You’re already getting excited. You’re young, baby and your mommy knows just how to get you in the mood.”
      “And no way could that little girl wear you out. She wouldn’t know how.” Mom’s hand slipped down and rubbed his balls. “There’s plenty left in here for me, you know it.”

Word Count: 23,090

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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