Incestuous Desires


[Mother Son Incest, Pornographic Magazines, MILF, Plan to Seduce, Jeannine Oldfield, Big Boobs; Historical, Hardcore Sex, High School Graduation, 1988, Son Dating His Mom]

David, an 18-year-old high school student, is infatuated with his beautiful mother, Aubrey. But she can intimidate the hell outta him to the point where he’s a tongue-tied teen around her. Upon making a fortuitous discovery, David confidently devises a custom-tailored plan to seduce her. How does he make Aubrey burn with Incestuous Desires?


      The reason for my infatuation with my mother?
      Mom, even at 37, was still friggin’ hot! Remember: when eighteen, 37 seems really old and in 1988 people didn’t talk about MILF’s and cougars. I even recall when there was a controversy when Wheel of Fortune considered replacing Vanna White because she was getting “too old,” and the hullabaloo with Barker’s Beauties on the Price is Right.
      Aubrey, my mother’s birth name from Germanic origin means noble or bearlike, was of English and Germanic descent. With Mom’s good looks, she was noble; with Aubrey’s demeanor, she could be bearlike. My mother’s skin tone and features showed her English and Germanic ancestry. I guess you’d describe her face as an easy rectangular oval that worked to perfectly frame her soft, gentle facial features. While none stood out, they all blended together to create a beautiful picture. She had a soft smooth chin that led to her full luscious lips. Her nose wasn’t aquiline or too big, it was simply a soft triangle resting between her lush plump cheeks. Her eyes were wide and alert. They were an entrancing warm dark chocolate, with her eyebrows complimenting them divinely. Taken together, her alluring features announced her supple femininity.
      I mentioned some of the models who bore a resemblance to my mother and if you were to look at them, you’d notice an obvious trend. They are all attractive brunettes with a slim yet soft body and big heavy hangers. Aubrey, my mother, was no different. She was close to five-foot-eight and probably weighed about 160 pounds, pleasantly and deliciously spread smoothly over her body. As an obsessed son, I knew her measurements: 36-30-38. Her bra cup-size varied depending on the bra ranging from DD, E, EE or F. Supposedly DD and E are the same size, as is EE and F. Yet there were times when I’d play with her bras I couldn’t notice any difference between a DD and an F. I could hold one of her Double-D bras and it seemed much bigger than another DD, or larger than an EE. So, you figure it out!
      My mother wore her dark chestnut hair long, about midway down her back. With the Nineteen-Eighties being the era of Big Hair, she would stylishly tease her hair into an erection-producing mane. There was many a time she stood at her dresser applying her makeup, doing her hair and putting on her jewelry. I would watch this production, while trying to hide my excitement and the erection she gave me. Afterwards, when she finished, I would have to go to the bathroom or my bedroom to express myself…
      …while at work that night dummying the shelves, I began to formulate my new plan. With my newfound knowledge, I knew all of my past ideas, plans and schemes wouldn’t work. I needed a new strategy. Having spent years fantasizing about how I would seduce my mother, I was more comfortable with a slow subtle plan that had the option to bail before things turned south. I’ll admit I wasn’t especially bold, brash or adventuresome. When it came to dealing with women, I was even more hesitant and often tongue-tied. When it came to my mother, I was borderline scared stiff! But I had a scheme devised and felt confident in its success. Unlike those “Get Any Girl, Anytime, Anywhere” ploys Hustler, Penthouse and the other magazines claimed worked on everyone, I drew certainty from the fact my plan was tailored to fit my unique situation.
      I told myself, ‘I will successfully seduce my mother.’

Word Count: 30,078

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