Thank You, Dad


[Mother Son Incest, Incest Erotica, Mother Son Sex, Cheating Parent, Taboo Sex, Oral Sex, Big Tits, Sleeping Together, Big Butt, College Student, Older Woman/Younger Man]

Is sleeping with your mom the dream? For Jacob, this was just the beginning. He always assumed his parents’ problems were their own, including his dad’s snoring. Then one night after watching sports, Jake and his father head upstairs. At the doorway to his bedroom, they discover his mom asleep in Jake’s bed. His father quips, “That’s your problem now.” As he gets in bed with his mother, Jake thinks, ‘Thank you, Dad.’

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      That auspicious January night, as we lay on our individual couches, I looked at my mother and thought over the years her beauty only increased.
      No longer tall, thin and busty, her body truly matured into a woman’s physique. I would guess she was maybe thirty-five pounds heavier but seemed to have gone to all the right places as her body filled out. Her thighs developed curves and shape. Her hips widened and became fuller, giving her the true rear-end of a woman. Her ass-cheeks were full, shapely and called your attention to it. Up top, her body added some fullness to it, softening it and gave her a more pronounced feminine shape and curves. While her waist was wider, her hips and shoulder girdle were more so, thus giving her the feminine hourglass shape she was missing when a teen. Also, her bosom completely filled out to their current wonderment.
      With my obsession of her, I could not resist the temptation to sneak into her bedroom and inspect her lingerie. I discovered her bras were a 36D, or sometimes a double D. Her waist seemed to range between 28-30 inches, and her 38-inch hips rounded her frame nicely.
      While we sat in the darkness with the only light coming from the TV, I marveled at how strong my mother’s and Sara Jay’s facial resemblance was. I often wondered if Sarah Jessica was even aware of their resemblance. For years, both she and Sara Jay wore their sandy blonde hair in an A-frame bob, which they both parted on the left. Yet they’ve begun to let their hair grow out while keeping that style. Sara Jay’s was midway down her back, although I suspected hair extensions, while my mom’s was creeping past her shoulders. I personally enjoy the increased length with both ladies.
      Both of their faces are a soft diamond, anchored by a large Sephardic nose. While strong and prominent, their nose was well shaped and served as a foundation of an attractive, though more handsome than beautiful face. To complement their nose they had strong, prominent cheekbones softened by their full, fleshly cheeks. With this, they seemed to have deep-set eyes. While Sara Jay has hazel eyes, my mother has light blue eyes. They both had the large mouth you would seem to expect and loved to smile often. My mother, with a smile on her face was quick to laugh and show her bright white full teeth. They both had a small slightly square chin that truly gave their face a diamond shape.
      I noted all these attributes of my mother as I slyly checked her out while we watched the movie. I enjoyed seeing her smile and laugh while she watched the movie more than I enjoyed watching the actual movie. Finally, after an hour and past midnight the movie was over.
      “Well okay Mom, have a good night,” I muttered. I turned off the TV and made to leave.
      “Do I get a kiss good night?” my mother wondered. Her question surprised me. The last time we exchanged kisses good night was over fifteen years ago. Still, prudence said it would be easier to give her the requested kiss.
      “Goodnight,” I mumbled as I air kissed her cheek and again made to leave.
      “What kinda kiss is that? Get back here and give me a real kiss.”
      Since I only took two steps, I quickly turned and bent down to kiss her cheek. Perhaps she didn’t expect such a quick response. She turned her head and my lips landed directly on her puckered lips. As if struck by electricity, my lips seemed stuck to hers and the current held us frozen in place. After a long second, our lips broke free with the loud popping smack of a true kiss.
      “Wow! Now I’ll definitely sleep safe and sound,” she giggled. I beat a fast retreat outta there. Some very pressing business had arisen.

Word Count: 31,144

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